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Online Optical Illusions

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Online Optical Illusions

Online Optical Illusions


Many people are reluctant to admit that they find optical illusions intriguing. When asked they may say they are no more than silly games. Actually that is not true as there is much psychological and philosophical underpinnings that make people see or not see the optical illusion.

Not all optical illusions create the same response. There are three different types.

1. Literal Optical illusions

These give you the concept that they are images that are different from the objects that make them.

2. Physiological illusions

Create a huge amount of stimulation between the eyes and the brain. For example, color movement brightness or tilt will create this effect.

3. Cognitive Illusions

Where subconscious or unconscious inferences are made regarding the picture or illusion

Ok enough of the technical stuff let’s have some fun with the above four pictures.

Picture 1:

Not so exciting. All I see is a big circle with a diamond in it. Do you see anything else?

Picture 2:

This is my favorite. It’s a very pretty scene. There are some things that are unique about it though. Can you figure out what they are? Jot down your answers before you check out the answers below.

Picture 3.

This one makes me dizzy just looking at it. Once again I don’t find this one all that intriguing. I have my own concept as to what it looks like to me. Now what does it look like to you? See my answer below, but don’t cheat. Answer the question first it’s more fun that way.

Picture 4.

This is my second favorite because it has humor to it. It’s just an average elephant right? Or is it? Check out

my response below.


Picture 1:

This was not a trick question; I personally do not see anything else in the picture other than what it is.

Picture 2:

As I said this is my favorite. That is a personal choice, as I myself love winter scenes. Which jumped out at you first? The muted gray backgrounds or the cute little deer standing in full color? Actually how many observations did you make about this picture? Here are my observations.

a. The small deer is in full color

b. The sawed off tree trunk is in full color

c. The background is in soft grays and muted whites

d. There is only snow accumulated on the evergreen tree

e. The most exciting is the large outline of the male deer. Look real close and you will see it. Or am I just seeing things?

Picture 3

I visualize this as a disorientated set of stairs that I am really glad I don’t have to walk up or down because they make me dizzy.

Picture 4:

Just how many legs does this old elephant have? My first count was 5, maybe 6, and then look again, it’s really only 4. Had you thinking for a minute though didn’t it

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A Boomers Explanation of Optical Illusions

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

A Boomers Explanation of Optical Illusions


Well now aren’t these interesting pictures? Some are very nice others are just words or letters. There is more to them than that though. Lets take a good look at them and see if we can see what they are really all about. Seeing is believing, but in this case you won’t believe what you missed. Let’s look at each picture one by one.

Picture 1:

First glance:

When you look at the picture for the first time what do you see?

I saw a boy standing on a roof top playing a guitar.

Second glance:

Now what do you see? I see a crowd of people standing behind the houses watching the singer. Did you catch it?

Picture 2:

First glance:

This one I found dumbfounding. I can’t see any illusion at all.

Second glance.

Still not doing too well with this. It could have something to do with the shadow. If you look at the way the guy is holding his arm, and look at the shadow they just don’t seem to match. Then again is that just my imagination?

Picture 3:

First glance.

All I saw was the word “good” written in big black thick letters in a font I don’t really care for.

Second glance.

Now this is really interesting. Look at the white space only within the black letters. Do you see what I see? Look hard enough and you will see the world “evil” appear.

Picture 4:

If you don’t catch this illusion on your first glance you will be amazed on your second. Of course this is my favorite.

First glance

I saw the word illusion. I thought perhaps there was an illusion hidden in the color of the letters. That didn’t seem to be the case though.

Second glance

Ok are you ready for this? Take a look at the word again only this time concentrate on the white within the letters. If you can’t see it the first time look away and then look back again. Do you see the word “Optical” in white? If you don’t, trust me it’s really there. Actually I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. I wasn’t really looking for an illusion when I saw it. I was looking below the word and it caught my eye. I think that’s pretty impressive.

I hope you have enjoyed this little game as much as I did. With so much Christmas stress and serious world wide financial concerns it’s really nice to just take some time out and have some fun.

I bet if you think about it, looking at these little games provided a nice break from the stress of the holiday season. They say change is as good as rest. You just gave your brain a nice change from your everyday cares.

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Wednesday, December 10th, 2008




As a boomer, you most probably have kids (or grandkids?) that are in school. Whether you have high school, elementary or pre – school children, one issue will always be a collective one. “Is my child doing well in school?” or “How can I help her do well/better in class?”.

In today’s fast paced world, incessant demands to meet the needs from work, family and even oneself, it’s no wonder many people burn out because of stress. However, boomers can keep our minds happy by bearing in mind that our brains, like our bodies, need some special attention.

RELAX. You may have heard this word over and over again, and believe it. Take some time to let go of all the tensions. Find some hobby you know you can enjoy, or just sit still and take long breaths for a couple of minutes. This five letter word can be a life – saver in dire times and can save you from breaking down.

TAKE TIME TO PRAISE YOURSELF. After a frenzied and frantic dash to the finish line (or deadline), give yourself a pat on the back. Or a vodka martini, or a glass of wine, or a slice of chocolate cake. Whatever it is that rewards you.

TRY READING SOMETHING NEW. Discover new things by taking time to read something new. Who knows, you might love that old sci – fi paperback that’s right behind all your classic novels.

MEDITATE. Focus. Work your brain out a little bit by meditation.

LISTEN TO MUSIC. It doesn’t have to be classical music, although classical can be great. Music can be a great therapeutic method in order to improve your memory, stimulate your immune system and reduce stress.

GET OFF THE COUCH AND TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION. While the idea of lounging around the couch after work or a busy day can be very enticing, television actually clutters your brain more. Try to spend your time with other activities

LEARN A NEW SKILL. Aside from having something new to put in your resume, when you learn a new skill, you’re actually working out multiple areas of your brain.

TAKE UP WRITING. Pent up feelings, thoughts and emotions can be poisoning to your mental and emotional well-being. Write all these down. When you’re angry with someone and are unable to tell him or her, writing what you feel helps you release those negative energies.

PLAY MIND GAMES. Optical illusions, brain teasers and crossword puzzles are great ways to improve mental clarity, while at the same time, having fun.

Our minds are perhaps our greatest assets, and since always at work, our minds need love, care and a whole lot of stimulation to keep in top shape.

Find out more ways to stimulate your mind at! is a social networking site connecting the Baby Boomer generation. Share your thoughts, rediscover old friends, or expand your mind with brain games provided by clinical psychologist Dr. Karen Turner. Join today to discover the many ways we are helping Boomers connect for fun and profit.

Riddle Me This: Good-For-You-Gaming

Friday, October 24th, 2008


See if you can answer this riddle:

What fun activity can you participate in while lounging in your pajamas that also relieves stress, reduces pain, delays mental decline and can make you a better surgeon?

The answer is playing games, and if you solved this riddle it is probably because you already classify as an avid game player.

The benefits linked to game playing have been confirmed in multiple studies led by credentialed researchers from a variety of medical specialties. If you think I’m pulling your leg, look below for a couple of examples:


A study led by Dr. Robert S. Wilson that was published in the February 13, 2002 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association found that people who engaged more frequently in brain-challenging activities were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease. The study also listed playing games and solving puzzles among the list of beneficial cognitive challenges. Go HERE to read the entire JAMA publication.

A March 19, 2007 article on entitled “Gaming’s Health Benefits” includes the results from several studies that linked game playing to a variety of benefits, including pain management, fewer surgical errors, and even sharper eyesight. You can read the entire article HERE.

All of these studies linking mental health benefits to playing games means a win/win situation for you, because while participating in a fun activity you are also giving your brain a boost. Best of all is that whether you prefer brain teasers, board games, puzzles, or Pac-Man, every single type of game is linked to at least one brain benefit. Be warned, though, Boomers – six hours of PlayStation every day won’t help you to ward off dementia. It’s brain teasers such as the optical illusions and psychological games found on Boomer Yearbook that will keep your brain at its best well into your Golden Years. Now that you know where to find these games, there’s only one thing left to say: Game on!

Intrigued by the research linking game playing to brain benefits? Puzzle it over at Boomer Yearbook.