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A Quick Quiz

Thursday, September 17th, 2009


March on Washington Against Health Care Reform

March on Washington Against Health Care Reform





A quick quiz.
Q.  Who do Democrats blame for the problems of Blacks and Minorities?
A.  They blame the Republicans.
Q   Where do most Blacks and minorities live in America?
A.  They live in our cities.
Q.  And who runs most American cities?  
A.  Democrats. They have for many decades.
Q   How many current cities are run by Black Mayors?
A.  In 2009, there were 154 American cities run by Black Mayors.
Q.  And for how long have Democrats of whatever color run our cities?
A.  About five decades. And apparently, not very well. 
By the way, George Bush appointed two Black Secretaries of State while in office. Are you aware of ANY Republican protests against either appointment?
A.  No, I am not.



My Program For Economic Recovery

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Baby Boomers Guide to Economic Recovery

Baby Boomers Guide to Economic Recovery

By Joseph J Kusnell for

Originally written: November, 2008 - Comments added (in red) April 2009.

My Program:

In a moment, my ideas for affecting an economic recovery. But first:

Washington is spending a lot of money to save our economy but I wonder if they have any real idea what they are doing. They just gave away more money that I ever knew existed in the world and what did they get for it - nothing. Banks instead of using the money to make loans used it to make their balance sheets look better. Call it self-preservation. The car companies came and took billions with absolutely no plan whatsoever to overcome the problems that have put them in this situation in the first place. Sure they want to market new cars. But is it the cars or the companies that are the problem? Do they know that most Americans have no confidence in their products? Do they know most Americans don’t trust their products? They better solve that problem before worrying about more new cars. And once they make dependable good cars, they can insist their employees drive what they build. No more cars in the Big “3” parking lots that are made outside the US. If you want to drive them, go to work for them. We’re getting serious about survival.

And what about all this political mess with cabinet appointees with no experience taking over huge government agencies and one appointee after another having to step down for misconduct? Since when is that a good thing?

And while I am on the subject, there were also the problems of the former NJ Democratic Governor, the former NY Democratic Governor, the current NY Democratic Governor, the current NM Democratic Governor, the guy they wanted to be Secretary of the Treasury who had to withdraw because he didn’t pay his taxes , the Democratic woman from Maryland who was also in trouble with the law, Democratic Representative Alcee Hastings, the former Democratic Federal Judge who was impeached and removed from office, Representative William Jefferson, Democrat found with 90 thousand dollars hidden in his freezer, Tom Daschle Democratic nominee for Health and Human Services who had to withdraw his name because he hadn’t paid his taxes, Democratic Representative Charles Rangel who as Chairman of the (tax writing) Ways and Means Committee forgot to report $280,000.00 in income for each of eight successive years and John Edwards who was a Democratic candidate for President who had to withdraw because he was caught cheating on his wife who has cancer. And that’s not all of them but you get the idea. It’s really a good thing we elected Democrats to straighten out America.

Okay, let’s move on past that mess. So what can we do to fix this economy? Well for openers, let’s remember that the Democratic Party that now owns Congress is the party of Bill Clinton, Franklin Raines, Jim Johnson, Chuck Schummer, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd not to mention ACORN. And who are these people? Why these are the people that caused this mess in the first place. They should all be in jail for what they did to America and to the world’s economies but instead the voters entrusted them with the job of straightening out this mess. Sure there was also corporate greed that took these high interest rates and ran with them but it all started with the Democratic partisans mentioned above. They did this to us. Clinton is saying today that Bush could have done something about this but he conveniently forgets that both George Bush and John McCain tried to get congress to reign in Fannie Mae but the Democratic congress (and Democrat Maxine Waters) wouldn’t hear of it. Maxine said it was ‘racism’.

No folks, it wasn’t George Bush that did this, it was this nefarious ‘gang of six’ that did it. They abused Fannie May and Freddie Mac then they took huge political contributions from them. Just as they did from AIG. They were nothing but payoffs. Then they arranged to give mortgages to millions of people that couldn’t afford them and could never hope to pay them back. Then they were guilty of conflicts of interest by chairing banking committees that were supposed to oversee both Fannie and Freddie while instead, they looked the other way and took political contributions from them. Tell me, how do you oversee people from whom you have taken political contributions? The answer is, you don’t.

So they took the money from Fannie (a million to Obama, 800K to Dodd, 500K to Frank), plus Jim Johnson got a 21 million dollars golden parachute and Franklin Raines got 41 million and Obama smiles and looks the other way.) And nobody yet has seen Dodd’s mortgage papers he promised to produce for us when he was accused of taking a “sweetheart deal” from Countrywide. That’s what these people did and none of them are going to jail when all of them should be. That’s because they are all democrats and the American People foolishly gave them control of all of us.

So we are stuck with them and now, we have to try to get it done anyway. We have to save our country, if not the world, despite these clowns. So, here are some ideas that may help. Maybe they won’t but as the man said, “I have to try”. So here goes.

(This article was written back in November 2008. I am now adding comments in bold beneath each of my suggestions from that time. Today is May 9, 2009.)

1. Immediately set a 4.0% standard maximum interest rate for all new or refinanced mortgages. Extend available terms to 40 years. Making this new lower interest rate available to everyone will act as a superior economic stimulus because people at all income levels can refinance putting many hundreds of dollars back in their pockets each and every month from this day forward for years. In most cases, this will create a stimulus of thousands of dollars annually for all taxpayers and it will encourage employment. Although some lenders may complain, remember folks it’s better to get a guaranteed 4.0% than 0.0%. Massive homeowner default is what we are fighting now so we need to do what we need to do. Add it a tax credit for 1st time homeowners and we are on the way to recovery. This is Step #1.

Done. All three ideas have now been incorporated in our economic recovery plan, most of them in 2009. They include the lower interest rate on existing mortgages, the lower rates for refinanced mortgages, and an $8,000.00 credit for first time homebuyers.

2. For people who are upside down in their mortgages and can’t pay them regardless of Step #1, let them walk away with a check for $2500.00 specifically earmarked for 1st, last and security payment for a new apartment. If they are going to lose their homes, they still need someplace to live so we have to take care of that. We put them in and then it’s up to them to find a way to survive. That’s life. Once they are out, we put the foreclosed home on the market at the current price with a 4.0% mortgage and terms up to 40 years and we will surely sell them. This approach will also stimulate the real estate market and that should help. (And yes we can do this. We have had price and wage controls in the past when we thought it was necessary so this is necessary today.

Partially done. They didn’t quite do this but they introduced Mortgage Modification and Mortgage Forgiveness for these people which mean the same thing. I think my way would have been better but these ideas accomplish the same goal.

3. I would skip the cash rebates to taxpayers. Step #1 will replace that.
If they insist, than rather than giving cash, give credit in some form that it has to be spent and not saved or used for paying bills. That way it may stimulate the economy although in my opinion, I don’t think a single stimulus payment can do that. We need to try something different.

They ignored this step and sent out another, but reduced, stimulus check.

3. All bailout monies must be used for the intended purpose and cannot be diverted to any other institutional use. If it is to be put back into the economy, then that’s how it must be used. We need control on our bailout money under pain of penalty.

Done. U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) introduced a bill that will significantly strengthen oversight of the $700 billion financial rescue plan. It’s a start.

4. Eliminate all capital gains taxes for the foreseeable future, Also, reduce all corporate taxes by the same percentage that the corporation employs American workers as part of its worldwide work force. This will encourage hiring of American workers.

Nothing done on this. Still waiting but not likely. This administration is anti-corporation which I fear is going to cost us jobs.

6. Remove health care costs from corporations. A national 1-2% sales tax
can be instituted to pay what corporations used to pay if that’s what it takes but we have to do something to take that non-business cost out of businesses. This will remove expenses that are no part of their businesses and will enable them to become competitive, selling more of their products, hiring more people which in turn will generate more tax revenue because of higher employment, which is what we need. Health care is a business in itself and must be treated as such.

Done. The government announced this month that health care costs would be taken out of GM and Chrysler and absorbed by the US government. A precursor, I assume, for a national health care program but it is what I think must be done. We must remove health care from the costs of running a business as other countries have done. This program will be expanded in the future.

7. Establish national caps for the payment of CEO’s of publicly traded companies no matter the form of the payment (i.e. expense accounts, stock options, and bonuses). The cap should be a multiple of the average salary of the average employee of that corporation as computed by the Labor Department. I would suggest a multiple based on the number of employees of the corporation with that cap ranging from 100-1 to 500-1. So the CEO of a company with 500,000 employees that earn an average annual wage of $50,000.00 would be entitled to compensation of 500-1 or twenty-five million dollars a year, each and every year. To earn more, he will have to raise the average salary of his employees giving him an incentive to do just that.

Done. The Government has established caps for CEO compensation. It has to become a national policy but this is the first step. I hope it is done voluntarily by corporations but this time it was done by the Federal Government with the banks that got bailout money. Again, it’s a start.

8. I would also institute a confiscatory income tax such as we had in the 60’s and the 70’s. That means that taxation on income over a certain figure per annum would be increased gradually to 70%. As an example, if the CEO was paid over 1 million a year and less than 5 million, the tax would be 50%. Between Over 5 but less than 10, would be60%. Ten and over, the excess would be taxed at 70%. Under one million would be at the normal rate. This permits people to get rich but not filthy rich. No individual needs or can use 15 homes or three airplanes. Let’s get real. (I have lowered the sample numbers from the original but in truth, the lawmakers would decide the actual numbers. So these numbers are solely used as an example.)

Being talked about but nothing done yet. I do think in the next year the maximum tax rate for our wealthiest citizens will be dramatically increased.

9. I would encourage profit sharing plans for unions in major industries such
as automotive. I would also give tax breaks to corporations that install programs of employee profit participation. When everyone has an interest, everyone takes responsibility.

Done with Chrysler and soon with GM and others. I suggested this last November to bring employees into ownership of corporations (profit sharing) so they could share in the results of their labors. This would give them an incentive to produce better products. Well, the President has done this with Chrysler for the wrong reasons, but he did it. Chrysler employees now own 55% of their company (which I did not recommend) but they will share in profits (which I did). It may be too late but we’ll see what happens. At least the quality of the work from union workers should now improve.

19. I would give no more money to Detroit until the Big “3” comes up with a
plan to regain the confidence of American consumers. The cars are good cars and the mileage is impressive but the overriding problem today is the lack of confidence in these cars that is expressed by the American buyer. Unions have to share in the responsibility for these cars and their reliability. By holding union members directly responsible for the work they do, you will improve that work. Filing grievances every time a worker is called to task is counter-productive. This is why profit sharing with employees is such a good idea. It gives everyone an incentive to do better work.

Same as above. Now they are doing it for Chrysler and soon profit sharing will be introduced at GM. This is good because workers should share in the success of their companies. They will now also share in the failures by losing their jobs. This is a risk of ownership.

11. I am going to level the playing field every way I can for American workers to compete in the global economy. Tariffs and protection don’t work so we have to find creative ways to reach our goal. These are some steps to move us in that direction. There is a symbiotic relationship between employer and worker and they need to work together to be successful.
Class warfare is counter-productive and dumb. It’s one country and we all are better off when we all do well.

I couldn’t say it today any better.

12. Increase the minimum wage immediately by $1.50 an hour.

Nothing on this yet but it will come.

13. Extend unemployment indefinitely until the jobless rate is down to 5.0%. Also increase the unemployment payments by 25%. This will keep our economy stable until it can recover. The cost is about 150 billion dollars a year, far less than other programs proposed.

Partially done. Many states have extended their UC benefits into next year and they have also raised the amount. Not by 25% but by $25.00 a week or $100.00 a month. So it’s a step in the right direction and at least they did what I suggested if not quite as much as I suggested.

Then let each person get back to managing his own life.

This they have NOT done and very likely will not do unless and until they bankrupt our economy.

So these are a few ideas. There are others. Some may be too ambitious and may have to be modified, some are perhaps foolish and would never work, but all of them offer something to be considered. Some may also be good ideas.

To bring America back, we need to accomplish two things: (1) put federal resources to work for our economy and (2) let the market correct itself wherever possible. We need both but too much of either right now would kill us.


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Sunday, May 31st, 2009

The New Math: Is it Sinking the Economy?

The New Math: Is it Sinking the Economy?




The rules for running a successful business have changed under Barack Obama.
Now it’s been made much simpler. We take GM as an example:


1. Stiff your shareholders. That should save you billions of dollars.
2. Stiff your bondholders. That’s more billions saved.
3. Stiff the taxpayer. That’s a bunch more billions.
4. Close down your big plants.
5. Close down many of your honest, investing dealerships.
6. Get rid of non-union employees that didn’t vote for you.
7. Reduce salaries and bonuses of CEO’s and other non-union personnel
blaming poor performance all the while excusing the cause of the poor performance which was the employee union.
8. Introduce a new line of teeny-weeny cars that won’t sell but can be made
cheaply enough to hopefully keep the unions in business without asking them
to do anything that might get them mad enough to not vote for you.
9. Show a small profit which should be easy since you just stiffed everyone you
borrowed money from.
10. Accept the bows of the faithful with humility but be certain to continue to control the adoring press so they won’t mention (too often) the deaths of the people driving on America’s high speed, long-distance roadways in these adapted golf carts that get GREAT mileage at the expense of weight and safety.


I look for the new USA/GM to sell off those nasty big, beautiful cars getting 30-35 MPG thanks to the long time investment of IRA and 401K retirees who are now broke because of their government’s intercession in a business they know nothing about.
I feel certain countries in South America and the Middle East will buy the Hummer line and their people will love driving it since they plenty of money and gas thanks to their own drilling. We of course do not drill because we are saving the environment from global cooling – or is it global warming – or is it climate change – or could it be from the new Marxist we just put into office here in the good old USA.


Capitalism made these guys what they are today so now they are using their status to destroy it. How nice.


But Americans don’t care, they LOVE Obama.  Would they run their homes this way? Not on your life but they love Obama anyway. Do they see any way we can ever pay this huge debt off? No, but so what? It’s not real money is it? And even if it is, the guy has a nice way about him.


And trust me, this new greatly reduced, government and union-owned People ’s Republic car company if it does turn a small profit, will be hailed as a great accomplishment by the Messiah. And never mind the suckers that were cheated out of their life savings or the taxpayers who were ROBBED of billions because union workers were overpaid and under-disciplined and turned out horribly assembled cars which their American compatriots refused to buy. Actually which THEY even refused to buy (check their parking lots). None of that will matter. The “company” (insert ‘union’ here) will have been “saved”.
By Whom – For What?
Take a look at it like this. You go into a mall and rent two run-down stores. You borrow money from the bank to renovate, over $200,000.00 worth. You borrow more money to set up your equipment. Another hundred grand. You borrow money to buy your inventory, hire an advertising company, and hire employees.
Then you open your doors but before you do you announce you have no intention of every paying back any of the money you borrowed to put yourself into business. And on the first day, your receipts total $14,500.00 and your operating expenses total just $9,750.00 so you proudly announce to the world that you have “made a profit” of $4,750.00. They invite you to address the Chamber of Commerce on “How To Start A Successful Business”.
Don’t laugh, that’s what is happening with GM. They may issue worthless shares of stock to people whose money they stole but so what, they just reneged on billions of debt and equity investments so what makes the new shares worth anything.
Was there another way to do this, to try to save the real GM? I think so. First, they should have filed bankruptcy and let the court restructure the debt as well as the labor contracts and retiree benefit program. Then with that out of the way, they could have scaled back their production lines a little without getting in this political environmental nonsense which is a scam.
Finally they could have instituted quality control checks which would assign controls to every production level and identify those workers who do the assembly at each level. With that type accountability in place, and a willingness to discipline those who fail to meet work standards, they could have turned the company around, saved all those jobs, saved the dealerships and maybe given shareholders a chance to see their company bounce back new and lean and strong.
But they didn’t do that because the UNIONS backed Obama and HE OWED THEM. So he couldn’t come down hard on them. He could and did come down on the CEO’s that earned big contractual bonuses despite poor performances while at the same time allowing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – two governmental agencies that also lost BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars – to pay THEIR CEO’s the same type big bonuses.
The difference? Once again Fannie and Freddie along with their CEO’s were supporters of the Obama ticket and contributed mightily to it. Their CEO’s in fact were part of the Obama campaign.
Obama came out of the Southside of Chicago School of crooked politics and he learned his lessons well.  Smile when you get in front of the camera and never let ‘em see you sweat’. When the red light goes out, do whatever the hell you want. And always remember Mr. President, there is a sucker born every minute.
Just last week the President after spending TRILLIONS of dollars said ‘we are out of money’. Really? Let’s see, when we started there were 6% unemployed. Now three trillions dollars later, there are 9.5% unemployed and we are being told this can’t turn around for a year or more. How about that? Do a lousy job and tell folks you expect to do a lousy job and everyone nods and says ‘poor Barack, it’s that damn George Bush’s fault”.
The economy collapsed because the Democratic party insisted that Fannie Mae give trillions of dollars worth of mortgages to people that could not hope to pay them back. When they didn’t pay them back, all hell broke out and the reason is Fannie bought those shaky mortgages, repackaged them and sold them to unwary investors around the world without mentioned that the mortgages should never have been given out in the first place. Who was responsible for that? The Democratic Party of Chris Dodd, Chuck Schummer, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank aided and abetted by the likes of Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines.


They weren’t very bright and to show that they still haven’t learned anything, they just introduced this free money to first time homebuyers program.


Now I don’t object to this one-time credit of $8,000.00 to help people at the lower end of the economic ladder to buy a home. But if they can’t KEEP this home, we are doing once again what Fannie did that lead to this current mess.


You know what they say about doing the same thing in the same way and expecting the results to be different? Well we better watch out because we spent trillions to try to solve this mess already, we don’t have trillion more to spend doing it again. And if they give these homes to people that can’t keep them, we are heading down the same dumb path again.

Here’s what they should do. Any applicant for a first time home buyer’s credit should have to meet every other qualification set for the rest of us who want to buy a home!
They have to be employed, they have to have a work history, they have to make enough money to keep this home, they have to have a decent credit history. They need it all. All the checks and balances that are present for ANY mortgage have to apply for THESE mortgages as well. The only difference should be that the taxpayer is kicking in $8,000.00 to help. That’s the way to do it and not make the same mistake we made before. 
Giving people homes they can’t afford and can’t keep is a one way ticket to financial ruin for everyone including the folks trying to get that home.


Recently the Chinese has to lecture us on how to act financially responsible. How about that? China. But they were right. You have to act responsibly.


You’d think we would have learned that by now.



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Sunday, May 24th, 2009

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<a href=””>By Joseph J Kusnell</a>


What would it take to convince you that Cap and Trade is an attempt to redistribute America’s wealth to third world nations and nothing more? That C02 is not dangerous to the atmosphere at all and is, in fact, just 3 teratonnes of the atmosphere. To add to that, there is this fact: carbon dioxide is released to the atmosphere by a variety of natural sources, and over 95% of total CO2 emissions would occur even if humans were not present on Earth.

You see, C02 has become a tool – a tool for stealing America’s wealth. That’s what it is and that’s all it is. It’s not dangerous at all. In fact, we couldn’t live without it. But America has lots of coal and oil so they had to figure some way for us to not use what we have so we could send tons of our money overseas and BUY that very same thing. And that’s what’s behind all this – bleeding off American’s wealth.

<strong>Global warming, like global cooling before it, is total nonsense. </strong>

So, what would it take to convince you that there is NOTHING wrong with coal (which we have a lot of) or oil (which we also have plenty of, including shale)?
What would it take to convince you that a snake oil salesman, who says one thing but does another, is snookering you? A politician who doesn’t see America the way you do, a politician who is more interested in spreading your wealth around the world than he is helping you and your family to live a better life?

Look folks, here’s the truth: what you are hearing is all propaganda meant to separate you from your money. Green is absolute hype. Internationalists are using “green” to spread America’s wealth around the world.

Your President likes to point to Spain as a country that makes “green” work lol. Well he’d better check with the Spanish because they have found out that for every green job they create, they lose two others. That’s a net LOSS of jobs, not a gain.  The idea that millions of new jobs are going to be created by this “green” propaganda is just nonsense.

And remember this too. Someone is spending millions of dollars putting all those “green” messages on television that you see. And no one is putting up that much money if they don’t intend to get more back in return. So understand this: the groups and industries that plan to make a ton of money off ‘green’ legislation, if it passes, are the ones paying for those ads. There is indeed, a financial method to their madness. <em>They want your money!!!</em>

You are hearing a lot about so-called alternative fuels. Well sorry folks, but they are largely illusory.  They really don’t exist and they won’t exist in big numbers for decades to come.

Wind power is about 7% of our energy today and won’t be more than 15% in the next two decades. Solar will be less than that. Electric cars and hybrids have their own problems. Let’s take a moment to look at these two ideas.

When you think of electric power as being ‘green’, remember this: batteries for electric cars are hazardous to create and hazardous to dispose of. They are not really environmentally friendly. Plus, these batters have to be replaced about every 4-5 years at a cost of around $7,000.00. So if you buy an electric car, you can look forward to that.

Then there is this problem: we produce most of our electricity in America by burning coal. Put a lot of electric cars (or hybrids) on the road and they all come home around 5:00 PM and have to be recharged. So you plug them all in and what do you have? You have an electric shortage is what you have. You will need to build more electric plants to generate the needed electricity to recharge all those batteries. And to generate that electricity, we burn COAL. You see, nothing is free and this green business is all about making money. (Nuclear energy might be a solution. It’s environmentally friendly and it’s reasonable cheap BUT it is nuclear and it can be very dangerous both is use and in disposing of spent fuel rods. Do the benefits outweigh the risks? I don’t know you can answer that. What I will say is that nuclear energy can replace coal and oil in time if we choose to do it. So, should we???)

Environmentalist czar Al Gore had 2 million dollars five years ago. Thanks to his work on the environment – working hard for you – he now has 100 million dollars. Not a bad return for all that hard work, Al. (Why is it these folks that work so hard to help the common man get so rich doing it???)

Now we learn if they pass Cap and Trade, which Al favors, Al’s wealth will go from 100 million dollars to 1 BILLION dollars. Think that might be behind his drive top get it passed? As I have said before, always follow the money!

And what about our Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi? Did you know she also has a big investment in wind farms? Whose wind farms? Why Boone T. Picken’s wind farms, that’s whose. So Cap and Trade will make Boone rich, but it will also make Nancy rich. Nice to help so many people.

See, everyone has their hand out. The UN wants 780 BILLION dollars from us to punish us for what we have done to the world with industrialization. Are they asking China for any money? You remember China, the country building a new coal fired electricity plant ever two weeks? No, they aren’t. Why not? Because China would laugh in their face just as they joke privately about Al Gore, the American idiot. 

Environmentalists are now beyond crazy, they are super dangerous. Why anyone would listen to these crackpots is beyond me. They should all be in padded cells. Especially the ones in Oregon who ruined a complete county with their absolute nonsense protecting the spotted owl thereby costing thousands of loggers their livelihood and forcing us to buy our lumber from Canada where I guess they don’t care as much about spotted owls. Their workers have jobs – ours do not.

Obama leads this pack of tax dodgers and inept public servants. His appointees have all had trouble with their taxes or they are all rather dumb. Still they now lead our country. Makes me nervous to just think about it.

Understand the numbers folks. You hear about these new technologies like they are around the corner and all we have to do is go get them. Well that’s garbage. Look at the number of vehicles on our roads today. The cars and trucks that have combustion engines that needs gasoline, which comes from refining oil.  Here are the numbers. Study them.

Today there are over 250,000,000 (million) cars and trucks on our highways that use gasoline. So let’s assume the EV’s and Hybrids are VERY successful and over the next decade they sell 10 MILLION of them (they only wish). Considering that over that decade immigration would grow by 10 million and that the new immigrant would want cars but couldn’t afford those new high priced alternative fuel cars, what do you think they will drive? They will drive the old combustion engine cars. So the number of alternative fuel cars may rise by 10 million, but so will the number of combustion engine cars on the highways and so the net will be no change over the next decade. Or over the next two decades for that matter. It’s just not that easy.  

The people pushing these alternative fuel vehicles are in it to get rich and if Obama doesn’t know that, he is very naïve and being taken advantage of. It just isn’t happening. Coal and oil are going to be with us for the foreseeable future. Like it or not. 

Think back. Do you remember in 1975 when a large group of scientists were so sure we were headed for a century of GLOBALl COOLING that they warned the world it was going to get so cold we would see starvation and death. And how cold did it get? And how many of died from the cold?

Oops, they were wrong.

Then in the late nineties, the same scientists (political scientists I think) decided it was GLOBAL WARMING that was going to kill us all. They were wrong about the cooling – damn – but now they were damn sure they were right about the warming.
And it would be terrible with floods and failing crops and thirst everywhere. Not for weeks or month or years, but for a CENTURY!

But something happened. The earth stopped warming about the mid-nineties and once again they had egg on their faces. Will they never learn? Wasn’t this the same crowd that was once so sure the world was flat or that the Sun revolved around the Earth? None of that turned out to be true either.

So now they have dumped Global Cooling and Global Warming and settled on Climate Change. Maybe that will work for them. Climate change caused by CO2 and C03 and maybe C04, we aren’t quite sure. But whatever it is, it’s really dangerous and we need to spend an awful lot of money to save ourselves. And who is to get all that money – hmmm – THEM?

Yep climate change is going to kill us although we had it every year for about a million years. It seems to me our climate changed regularly for all those years. But they lost the global warming and they lost the global cooling and they lost the hole in the ozone lair so they need something so we have CLIMATE CHANGE.

But not worldwide climate change because if it were worldwide it would be the same all over the world which is what worldwide means and this is not that uniform. In our world, some places get hot and some get cold and usually at the same time.

To me, that’s just ‘weather’ without the need for climate change. 

Weather is regional and that explains why it’s hot there and cool here and vice versa. Just last week (May 2009) in Philadelphia, we had weather in the 90’s, a terrible hot spell. This week we have weather in the 70’s, quite cold and rainy. It just changed inside of ten days. (Damn they may be right: <em>the climate does change!</em>)

But wait: don’t we have four seasons? And hasn’t it always been cold some places when other places were warm on the planet?  Haven’t we always had this weather extreme? Yes, I think so. So today’s weather is exactly what it has always been. And why not since man does not influence weather – the sun and water vapor and cosmic ray bombardments influence weather. And though you aren’t hearing much about it, sunspot activity has been very sparse the past few years. That usually indicates a switch to COOLING. The current warning from people that are supposed to know is if sunspot activity doesn’t pick up by 2011, we are in for a very long period of extremely cold weather. Maybe a hundred years worth of it. 

Are all of these government scientists really stupid or do they have a political agenda with all these changing warnings? An agenda to steal money from America by scaring us into stopping the production of what we have a lot of, oil and coal, and then spending hundreds of billions of dollars buying those same products from overseas. What sense does that make?

Listen up folks: If oil and coal truly are really so ultra damaging to our environment, why are we buying it? We are we spending hundreds of billions of American dollars to encourage people overseas to drill for oil and coal to sell it to us??? Think about it.
If it’s that bad for the environment, why buy it at all and if we have to buy it because we need it, then why not drill our own and keep the money here? These other countries are now getting rich selling us oil and gas while doing the very thing we won’t allow our own countrymen to do which is drill for it. Does this make sense to you? It doesn’t to me.

But it’s not intended to make sense; it’s intended to make MONEY. It’s all about playing Uncle Sugar as a sucker one more time. Sending OUR money overseas to THEM. That’s what Obama wants and that’s what he is getting - a redistribution of America’s wealth to 3rd world nations through the good offices of the United Nations (choke).

That’s all this is: money going from us to them. In time it will bankrupt us and destroy capitalism and set America back fifty years. And destroy our economy in the process. But that’s the plan. Smack America back in line. That’s what they want.

You don’t believe me? Go back and read it again and see who is making sense.
See who is telling the truth.

By the way, the government has now decided to fund student loans itself so everyone can go to college? How interesting. Let’s think this one through.

Where is this new money to come from? After all, someone has to pay. So who will it be? The government is already in debt a trillion or more dollars and that is just going up. We are now indebted to pay enormous amounts in interest because we BORROWED that money from CHINA. So who is going to pay for these new tuition loans?  China has already said they have had damn near enough of American’s debt, thank you. No one else wants it. So where is this money to come from?

Try to think this through which Obama’s team never seems to do. Once upon a time, corporations would hire high school grads. Then if they had a college graduate, they paid him more. Now we want all our kids to have college degrees? Okay then what will happen. All the companies will just want college graduates for the jobs they used to fill with high school graduates. And they will pay them the same money.

What good will this do? It is one thing to encourage the very best and brightest among us but quite another to say everyone should go to college. No, they should not.

All that will do is saturate the country with unemployed college graduates and lower the amount of money companies will pay to hire them. It’s flat out stupid. What we do need and can use if more trade schools. Schools for those who aren’t the top students so they too can earn a living. No society can operate with an oversupply either at the top or the bottom. You need a healthy mix of both to survive.

I’m telling you; anyone who voted for this man and these people has to have a screw loose. All that glitters is not gold and President Obama glitters but he sure isn’t gold.
The man smiles and then talks out of both sides of his mouth.

Adage: “The most likeable snake-oil salesman sells the most snake-oil.”

Amen, suckers.

“Green” will not net an increase of jobs, it will net a decrease of jobs. Any fool can tell that. How did this Administration miss that???

The President keeps saying it will create 3 million new jobs. Well that’s nonsense but whatever it creates it will lose even more. It’s a scam.



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Sunday, May 24th, 2009

                            NOAH’S ARK and EXODUS - REVISITED

By Joseph J Kusnell for

Available at   now.

Noah: There was a great flood. A man named Noah and his three sons, at God’s command, built a great Ark and on it, they put two pairs of every unclean animal and seven pairs of every clean animal on the Earth. How many animals were there? That depends on who’s counting.

According to paleontologists, one million years ago, the planet was covered with dinosaurs and huge, flying reptiles. But according to Genesis, God created animals after he created Adam and Eve and Noah came along even later. So by Noah’s time, there had to be lots of them. So God instructed Noah to build the Ark 480′ long, 80′ wide, and 48′ high. (The dimensions were in cubits, each cubit measured as 19″..) Think of that. A vessel this awesome would be over 20,000 tons and would carry the same cargo as 539 railroad cars, a train that would be over five miles long. That’s immense.

Unfortunately, all Noah had to build with were his three sons and maybe some prehistoric stone tools - primarily cutting stones and bores. With these ancient tools he had to accomplish an enormous task.  He had to (1) cut down about 250 or 300 very large trees. He had to (2) rip 2,000 planks from these trees. He had to (3) smooth the cut planks with a stone tool boring thousands of connecting holes with still another stone tool. He had to  (5) build the Ark and fasten it with thousands of wood pegs that he also had to make himself and lastly, he had to (6) caulk the entire vessel with hot pitch and get this monstrosity down into the water to see if it floated. Considering the huge size of the Ark and its 20,000+ lbs. that alone would be a tall order for three or seven guys regardless of the problems building it. My guess? God had to help push.)

Even then, Noah’s work wasn’t done. Next he and his sons had to go around the world - on foot - collecting many pairs of all the animals and birds on Earth. Plus they had to gather enough food to last them all six months, a gigantic task in itself.

When that was done, they then had to herd this huge mass of living creatures - animals and birds - along with tons of food - all the way back to where the Ark was waiting. How they could have accomplished any of this is beyond me. I would have figured it would take up to 10,000 men 5-10 years to get it all done back in Noah’s time. But I could be wrong. Faith does move mountains, they say.

Lastly, once they got everybody and every creature and all that food up on the Ark and set out to sea, the seven of them had the unenviable task of handling the waste matter and manure from all these creatures for the next six months. Every day, sometimes many times a day, these folks would have to enter these cages of wild beasts, gather up the tons of waste material they would generate, and find a way to transport that mess to the sides of the arc, and throw it overboard. The trouble with that is the Ark has no sides. It is a closed vessel, so I don’t have the slightest idea of how they would have been able to discard these tons of waste material without flooding the boat. It’s just one more question that is left unanswered in the Bible’s rendition of the story like how did they feed the animals that live off other animals? Think on that for a while. .

So that’s the story of Noah and his Arc. Unbelievable? Of course it is. In fact, it’s so unbelievable you wouldn’t think anyone would take it seriously. Yet, every few years, someone finds the Ark buried in the mountains somewhere. I’m waiting for it to show up in Disney World.

The truth is it never happened, not the way we have been taught. The Bible story is maybe allegorical, maybe apocryphal; but certainly it is fictional. Maybe there was a local flood and maybe a guy built a boat and took his family and his pets with him until the water went down in a few days, but that’s about it.

Consider this from Iraq’s ancient past. 

The first known civilization appeared about 3500 BC in the area between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers then known as Mesopotamia, now called Iraq. In the 1800’s, archeologists excavating an ancient Sumerian site uncovered a series of clay tablets covered with a form of wedge-shaped characters now called cuneiform writing. This earliest form of writing was used to depict stories of the culture and events of the early Sumerians. (Later these same people invented the more traditional form of writing that we know today.)

The clay tablets uncovered in this ‘dig’ were packed up and brought back to England were they were promptly stored and just as promptly forgotten. It wasn’t until one hundred years later that someone remembered them and began the tedious task of translating them. They were astounded at what they found.

On a series of tablets was discovered the story of a great flood in the valley between the Tigris and the Euphrates - since thought to be the site of the Garden of Eden. The flood was so severe, that much of the surrounding land simply disappeared. The tablets went on to say that an observer on a raft on the river was unable to see land in any direction.

A local merchant, who made a habit of shipping cargo down river to the towns that lay below Sumeria, became apprehensive about his supplies and decided to construct individual rafts to save them from the approaching flood waters. When he was finished, in order to keep his rafts together on the river, he fastened the rafts together. (The Bible makes reference to the Ark having ’sections’.) When everything was ready, the merchant ordered the raft loaded and he, his family, his animals, and his cargo set off down river to safety.

The story put down on the clay tablets is long. It states how the passengers lost all sight of land as the water rose to levels never seen before and the raft drifted down river until finally, it entered the Persian Gulf that bordered Mesopotamia. There the raft continued to drift for about seven days, finally coming to rest on an island. Because the Gulf waters are salted, the passengers had no fresh water to drink so they drank their cargo which was beer, a substance which preserves well and which is full of nutrients. The story ends with drawings of the passengers and animals disembarking from the raft and being greeted by a large crowd of angry people. The people have been since translated as angry creditors demanding some sort of payment from the merchant without which he would be put into slavery as was the custom in those days. .

That is the story of a great flood recorded on ancient Sumerian clay tablets and written in cuneiform, the oldest writing known to man. It is easy to see how this story could have been transformed thousands of years later into the Bible story of Noah and his Ark as we know it today. All the Bible writer had to go on was a word of mouth story handed down over the millennia like an urban legend.  Certainly there was a great flood. The tablets support that. Certainly it covered a large area. The tablets support that too.

But the flood was still a regional rather than an international event.  And God didn’t appear to the merchant to tell him to save himself and his family; the merchant was simply trying to save his merchandise. Nor were two of every unclean animal and seven of each clean animal in the world taken aboard the Ark which would have been impossible. What was on the Ark were a few pack animals intended to be sold down river along with a few people, some merchandise cargo, and some beer.

So it is written on the tablets. 

As to the voyage itself, far from taking seven months which would have been impossible, it took one week, which was very possible. All the unanswerable questions about gathering, feeding and caring for all those wild animals also disappear with the Sumerian version. There aren’t any wild animals to worry about. And the questions of supplying fresh water for so many creatures for so long a period of time also disappear.

It seems clear to me that the Sumerian version of the flood is factual while the Biblical version, complete with God and a series of mythical religious extensions is basically fiction.

Nevertheless, the lesson is real.

Next we have the story of The Exodus, another urban tale rewritten hundreds of years later while greatly embellished by the writer.

According to the Bible, 600,000 men along with their wives, children, and “a large number of others” – English version, left Egypt on a journey across the Sinai Desert, a place where temperatures range from 120-degree during the day to a cold 50 degrees at night. Each family took with them an untold number of goats, sheep and cattle representing the wealth of the nation. 

There were old people and young people, sick people and well people, children and babies and even newborns. According to the Bible, this lusty throng was bent on reaching Jerusalem across a blistering desert, a place where there would be absolutely nothing but blowing sand and a blazing sun for the next five hundred miles.

The Biblical rendition goes on to say that this huge mass of animals and people lived out there – in that desert – in that horrible, torturous place – all 2,000,000 of them, for the next 40 years!

Now let’s think about that for a moment to determine if it even sounds plausible. First of all, how much LAND do you think so great a throng would cover out in the desert? Let figure it out. A million people would make a good size city, let’s say a city the size of Phoenix, Arizona. So that’s like ten to twelve miles square (say one hundred square miles).

But there were also a million animals. The Bible mentioned goats and sheep and cattle for starters, but this is a desert so there must also have been some camels. In any event, there were a given number of these animals for each family (animals represented their wealth) and when you add them up, that amounts to at least another million creatures in the desert. So for starters, we have two million living creatures in the Sinai Desert for a period of forty years who would certainly need both food and water to survive – lots and lots of water. At any one time, they would also occupy a lot of space extending for miles in every direction.
Allowing ten more square miles for the one million animals which is probably a gross understatement (what did the animals live on out in the desert anyway? They don’t eat bread.) we have a total of twenty miles square or four hundred square miles of creatures spread out across the blistering, blowing sands. 

That means just to walk to the back of the crowd in that heat and over those sands would take Moses up to six hours with another six to return to the front. That’s a twelve-hour walk in 120-degree heat Just to communicate with his people bringing up the rear. Did he do this every day? Once a week? Once a month? Or did he just sit down and wait as his people struggled past him until the people in the back caught up?  

That’s what the Bible says. Because it is so patently ridiculous some people have tried to alleviate the problem by saying the Bible doesn’t mean exactly what it says. That maybe instead of 600,000 men, their wives and children and “a large number of others”, it just means a few people. Sorry, but that doesn’t wash. It’s true or it’s not true, you can’t have it both ways. The numbers are quite specific

So if the Bible is to be believed, this immense mob traveled out into the desert on a journey that was to take forty years. They couldn’t travel at night because at night the desert is very cold so they would need to seek shelter for themselves and their children. So they huddled at night and moved during the blazing hot daylight hours. Either way, it’s a tough, formidable journey – a journey that would require a lot of food and even more water to accomplish. Where would that come from out there in the desert?

The Bible says the food came from God in the form of Manna, the water from the few existing springs along the way. I think manna is like unleavened bread. Now, if you can accept that they ate nothing but this bread, three meals a day, seven days a week, for the next forty years, we will let it go at that. But I find that hard to believe both psychologically and physically. This type diet would cause serious problems among the adults. I can’t imagine the effect on children. And the animals as I said earlier don’t eat bread. As to the water, that is another matter altogether.

The Sinai desert isn’t littered with wells. If it were, it wouldn’t be a desert at all. That’s what makes a desert – the lack of water. So even if a few wells are there, and they are, they are few and far apart.

Now could this immense throng of people and animals get through a day, walking in the blazing hot desert, without a continual supply of water? No they couldn’t. If they walked an hour in that sun without drinking water, they’d all be dead at the end of that day. You have to have water with you all the time. So, I guess they would have carried water bags – goatskin water bags. (Where they could have found a million goatskin water bags, I have no idea. And if you say they killed their goats and made them, it would take maybe a hundred thousand goats to make a million water bags and that’s a whole lot of goats. But to continue.)

Day 1: 8:00 AM.

The people have been walking for an hour. The sun is high, and the temperature hovers around 110 degrees. The hot sands are blowing, children are whining and everyone is hungry and thirsty – but mostly thirsty. They need water. They ALL need water. The children and animals most of all. There is an oasis up the desert a short ways. It contains four small water wells. Our people that stretch backward for over twenty miles need to fill their million water bags from those small wells. (Figure a water bag must hold at least a quart of water – probably more. A million quarts of water would be 250,000 gallons.  A quarter of a million gallons of water from these four wells? I’d think those wells would be dry in an hour.)

So, how long do you think it will take us to fill all our water bags? Well let’s figure it out.  Do you know how you draw water from a well into a water bag? It isn’t easy and it isn’t quick. You have to lower the bag, let it fill up, then bring it up and start the process over again. It has to take fifteen – maybe twenty seconds per bag at the quickest. So, if you have a million PEOPLE and you have to fill a million water bags, how long would it take?  We have decided on fifteen seconds per bag. Now fifteen seconds may not sound like much but you have a million people so that’s a million water bags. That would mean they’d need fifteen million seconds to fill them all up. That converts to 250,000 minutes, 4,166 hours, and about 175 days. That’s six months. And the animals still have to be watered somehow.

Of course, if there were four wells (probably a typical oasis), it would only take maybe six weeks for the people to all get to the well. But it wouldn’t matter because in six weeks, they’d all be dead. You can’t go two hours in the desert without water let alone six weeks. 

So the folks in the front get their water and move on. But this takes time and even as they do, people in the back are keeling over, dying of thirst from the scorching heat. And during all this, what happens to the babies and the animals? They too would begin dying by the thousands. It would never work. It could never work. Everyone would be dead of heat stroke or dehydration before they got 20 miles from Egypt. Life is really tough in the desert. 

Something is wrong here and I’ll tell you what it is. The story is patently ridiculous. It is impossible five different ways. It never happened. Maybe a dozen people could make such a trip, maybe a couple of dozen Bedouins could, but that’s it. Not the million reported in the Bible story and certainly no animals other than maybe a few camels. The truth is the Sinai would have been a deathtrap for the fleeing Jews and their animals and they wouldn’t have gotten anywhere at all. 

Water and food are not even the only problems. This is a huge crowd of people. People of all types, males and females, young and old, angry and impatient. Such a huge and diverse throng of people is bound to have problems – all kinds of problems. How is this huge throng to be disciplined and controlled out in the desert?

For example, what did these people do all day and night, every day of the week, seven days a week, for forty years? That’s a lifetime. What did they do just to pass the time? Did they have disagreements, fights and arguments caused by the heat or by someone coveting his neighbor’s wife or daughter? Who policed them? Who was there to respond to emergencies? Who was in control of such a mass of humanity?
Hell, the guys in the back were twenty miles away from the leaders so who was in charge way back there? Come on now, let’s get serious. These weren’t a bunch of pussycats. They were ancient Jews, a tough, robust, lustful group of people (as the Bible tells us). Remember when Moses came down from the mount? What did he find? The people were engaging in a drunken ORGY!  And now, they are out in that stinking, hot, sweaty desert with nothing in view but more and more hot days and nights. They want relief. They want to forget. They want a PARTY!

And who was there to deal with all the pent up frustration these people would have had to feel? Who would see that fights did not break out? That people didn’t start killing each other? After all, tempers had to be short in that terrible heat with never enough water and boredom had to be a continuing problem. So who would be in charge. The Bible doesn’t address any of these problems. And the reason is that none of this ever happened. It would have been physically impossible to move such a large number of animals and people across the Sinai Desert in this manner. No matter how many years you tried. If you started out with a million, you’d be lucky to reach your destination with a couple of hundred. That might even be optimistic because it is very likely that none of you would ever get where you were going - not with that crowd.

And remember this: there had to be births along the way over forty years. Babies – lots of them. After all there were a million people and Jewish families had a lot of children in those days. They were a lustful group. So how did they tend their babies in the blowing sands and in the awful heat of the desert?  How were they able to raise their young (and the young animals that also must have been born.) How did they get milk for the infants, or water or food? After all, it is said the people existed on Manna from God but babies don’t eat manna. Neither do animals. And if the adult women were living on manna, how much mother’s milk could they have produced?

The whole thing is utter nonsense. It never happened. It never COULD have happened. Not the way it’s written. A writer heard an old story from the ancient past and embellished it just as fiction writers do today. We call it poetic license. The biblical author used poetic license to tell his version of an “urban legend” that had become near and dear to his people.

Anyway, if God wanted the Jews to cross the desert, there were easier ways for Him to accomplish that. After all, he is God. He could have simply transported them from where they were to where he wanted them to be. That would have been much easier. Why kill half of them if he loved them so much? No, this story is not real, it is largely allegorical but based on something. What that something might be we will discuss in a moment.

(Did you wonder where I got the 1,000,000 animals from? Well the Bible says that there were “600,000 men accompanied by their wives and children and some hangers-on (English version) together with many sheep, goats, and cattle”. You can make up your own numbers but I used 150,000 families represented by the 600,000 men, each of whom had some number of animals. Figure for yourself how many they might have had per family? A dozen sheep, half dozen goats, a donkey or two, a camel or two, a dog or other household pet, some pigs, some chickens? Pick a number per family. I used an average of 7 per family, which I really think is conservative. And that’s where I got the 1,000,000 animals.)

Anyway, none of this happened because none of it COULD have happened. It’s just not possible. MAYBE a few dozen people MIGHT have been able to do something like this, but this wasn’t a few dozen, this was a million or more. The Bible is very exact about that.

In closing, let me make a few observations. As the Bible recites the tale, the Egyptian King let his slaves go but then changed his mind. So he sent out 600 chariots to catch them and bring them back. He also sent some soldiers.

First, chariots are horse-drawn and horses can gallop easily at 15-18 miles per hour. Soldiers force walks about 3-4 miles per hour. After the first hour, the chariots will be 14 miles ahead of the soldiers. It will take the soldiers four hours to catch up. After three hours, the horses will be 54 miles down the road and the soldiers just 16 so they will now be at least 9 hours behind. And so forth. So the soldiers are pointless in the chase. Also, chariots normally carry one or two men standing side by side. If it’s two men, and 600 chariots, that’s a total of a maximum of 1,200 men.

Twelve hundred men to capture and bring back over 1,000,000 hot and tired people - people that are spread out over 400 square miles of desert with 1,000,000 animals in tow? You got to be kidding. The Jews were a tough group of ex-slaves. If they decided to resist just a little, the charioteers would have no chance. With twelve hundred against one million, the soldiers would have been overwhelmed in a heartbeat. 

PLUS and most importantly, GOD was on the side of the Jews. The King knew this because, according to the Bible, he had just been beat up for the past seven years until in defeat, he had to let his slaves go. Yet before they are out of sight, he changes his mind and dares God to strike him and his people dead by going after them. Now this is indeed a man with a hard head.

Anyway, how come as they galloped across the desert sands, the Bible doesn’t mention the bodies of Jews lying in the burning sand where they dropped from heat exhaustion and thirst which most certainly would have been the case. The desert should have been, and still must be, littered with their bones by the thousands.
But it isn’t and that’s because this never happened. Neither did the crossing of the Red Sea (actually the Sea of Reeds). That is one myth (The Crossing) born of another (The Exodus).
The reference to the Red Sea in the Bible is an error of translation. The Bible does not say the people of the Exodus crossed “the Red Sea”, it says they crossed the “Sea of Reeds”. The Sea of Reeds refers to a small number of lakes also known as the Bitter Lakes that in many places is simply marshland.

None of these small lakes is very large individually and crossing one of them might be easy enough for a small number of people (particularly when the lake is at its low ebb, which happens regularly). But, to talk about a million people and a million animals crossing these lakes, is another matter altogether.

(Not to mention 600 Egyptian Chariots with accompanying foot soldiers that all fitted nicely within the banks of one of those small lakes at the same time so they could be conveniently drowned  – another wild stretch of the imagination.)
Look, let’s try an exercise. Let’s compute how long this Egyptian column chasing the Jews would actually be. The column consisted of 600 galloping chariots and some number of trailing foot soldiers as described in the Bible. Figure to fit conveniently into the river channel to drown, the chariots would be limited to two abreast, with sufficient room between the first and second sets so they will not run up each other’s heels. The horse and chariot are 20’ long front to back. With spacing between the sets, I made it 30’ total. Multiply that by 300 sets of two chariots each and you get a column that is 9,000 feet long (almost two miles) and that doesn’t count the column of foot soldiers coming behind them. So that’s a column at least two miles long that would have to fit nicely into the bed of the first of the ‘lakes’, so they could be conveniently drowned together.

(As a matter of fact, I doubt any of the lakes are actually wide enough to have contained all the Egyptians soldiers and chariots at one time so they could drown together as the Bible states they did. Remember the Bible says there were no survivors so they all had to be inside the waterbed at the same time. If some were too far behind they would have seen what happened and escaped. If some had been too far up front, they would have been out of the riverbed before the waters rushed over them. For everyone to drown, they all had to be within the banks of that marsh lake at the exact same time which alone seems impossible.)

But that doesn’t matter anyway because trying to get 1,000,000 people and 1,000,000 animals through this narrow channel as God held up the waters would have taken the better part of a month. Big crowds in the hot desert move very, very slowly and this was more than a big crowd, it was a huge crowd. (God would have been much better served just building them a bridge.)

 (Note: Biblical ‘scholars’ – those people who study the Bible more to reinforce it than to seek out the truth  – find all kinds of excuses when Bible stories turn up to be inaccurate or flat. When you ask them about the million people and the million animals specifically referenced in the Bible story, they tend to brush it off by saying it wasn’t meant to be a literal number. Well to me, it’s true or it’s not - when they say 600,000 men I assume they mean 600,000 men or what’s the use of saying it?)

The Hebrews of the Exodus were a HUGE throng of men, women, and children, all moving at a snail’s pace across a very difficult landscape. They have another million animals with them, So we have two million living creatures moving across a very difficult desert landscape in intense heat. Earlier we calculated about 400 square miles of them.

Now for two million of ANYTHING to make its way past a given point ANYWHERE, would take days – maybe even weeks – to complete. And in that excessive heat, and over that difficult terrain, it very well would have taken longer. So for them to make their way across the bed of even the first lake of the Bitter Lakes, the waters would have to be held back a long time (even by Hollywood standards). For me, I like the idea of a bridge much better.

(Keep in mind, the width of this ‘channel’ through the water that God created would be limited to feet or at most yards. Therefore, the throng that we estimated to be 20 miles wide and 20 miles deep would had to be reorganized to get through that narrow channel. Let’s say they were reorganized into a column 12 abreast. How long would the new column then be? My guess would be 60 miles long. So the Jews would be passing through that channel, between those high walls of “mighty water”, for at least a month. Talk about being scared!

But they weren’t scared because it never happened. And the story isn’t new either. Check this out. It’s from ancient Egyptian writings.

Note: A woman accompanying the pharaoh on a rowing excursion drops “a fish shaped charm of new turquoise” into the lake. Then the chief lector Djadjaemonkh, placed one side of the water of the lake upon the other, and lying down upon a postsherd, he found the fish-shaped charm. Then he brought it back and gave it to its owner. Now as for the water, it was twelve cubits deep, and it amounted to twenty-four cubits after it was folded back. Again he said his magic sayings and the waters of the lake returned to their rightful position. This marvelous thing occurred in the Reign of King Snefru”.

So you see, it had all been done before. This little Egyptian story is thousands of years old and yet, is very much the same as the story of the Red Sea crossing of the Bible written much later. Would you believe this fanciful tale any more than the equally fanciful tale of the “Exodus”? You shouldn’t. Both are equally unfounded.
Over the years, people have tried very hard to make the Exodus work. But they haven’t had much luck. Today, they are trying very hard to dispute the Bitter Lakes as the place of the Israeli crossing, preferring it to be the Red Sea, the “mighty waters” of the Biblical passage. But the literal translation of the Hebrew text is not Red Sea, it is Bitter Lakes, an extended group of marshes.
The story of the “Red Sea” crossing is a fable just as is the story of the Exodus. Neither ever happened. Consider this fact: Bible scholars estimate the size of the Exodus being anywhere from one to two million PEOPLE plus the animals. (I have used a total of 2,000,000 to include both.)  That’s fine, but if there HAD been such a huge throng living in the desert for forty years, where is the physical evidence they would have had to leave behind? The desert is an inhospitable place. If a large group of living creatures spent forty years out there, many, many would have died and their bones would be buried in the sands for eons.  But they are not. Despite continuing efforts on the part of geologists for centuries, no physical evidence of any kind has ever been found in the Sinai to support the thought that a huge throng of living creatures ever lived out there

The following is from the Sea of Reeds Web Site in Egypt and speaks to this very question:

TRADITIONAL MOUNT SINAI: “Having visited Mount Sinai in the southern Sinai Peninsula, I have seen first hand the only place the Israelites could possibly have camped in the desert. It is a small, flat valley area adjacent to Mount Sinai. Yet even this place would allow for only about one square yard per person and how could so many have lived cramped into so small a place for any length of time? Furthermore, despite extensive archeological investigation throughout the region, nothing has ever been found that can conclusively be tied to the Exodus – to so large a population ever having occupied this area.”

(Note: Animal bones including human would be preserved forever in the desert sands. If many people or animals had died there, their bones would still be there, but they aren’t. The reason is simple: it never happened. Keep in mind; this particular Egyptian article deals with one valley in which the Israelites are said to have camped for a couple of nights. But these people were moving across the Sinai for forty years so they had to find valleys to camp in like this one, every night. The problem is, they don’t exist anywhere in the Sinai. I guess the anonymous writer didn’t know this when he wrote his story.)

Here’s another amazing claim. The Bible says the Egyptian charioteers left shortly after the Jews. But the Jews couldn’t have managed any more than a couple of miles a day in that heat and over hot sands, while the charioteers could gallop as much as 18 miles AN HOUR. It wouldn’t have taken an hour for them to catch up to the Jews many of whom would have been lying dead in the sand anyway.   

It couldn’t have happened as described. The dynamics just don’t work. The story goes that the chariots rushed full speed ahead, two by two, into the small channel between those two great walls of water being held up by an unseen force. You would think it would have been a shocking and amazing sight – enough to frighten almost everyone! But it didn’t frighten the Egyptian commander. His courage never faltered. He plunged right ahead at full speed, right down into the riverbed, right where he had to be so that he and his men, and his horses, and his trailing soldiers, could all come together and conveniently drown at the same time.  Nice touch.

Think about that. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. If you saw a body of water divided into two towering walls being held up on either side by a mysterious unseen force, would you plunge ahead down into the dry river bed feeling secure that the water would stay up there until you got safely across?

Not me, I admit I’d be scared to death by such a sight. After all, waters being held back by some mystifying, unknown force, high above me and my men, are not an
everyday sight. Not for Egyptians, nor for Jews.  Not even in those amazing Biblical days. I would have taken a pass. “You go ahead,” I would have said, “ I’ll come later.”

But not so the Egyptians. Their charioteers plunged down into the ravine without the least trepidation. And their foot soldiers did the same. (The soldiers must have been fleet-of-foot since they were able to catch up to the galloping charioteers and get into the ravine before the charioteers had gotten through, so they could all die together. Another lucky break for the Chosen People. ) 

Finally consider this question for a moment: if the Jews didn’t know God was going to part the “Red Sea’ for them, and if they were being chased by Egyptian charioteers, why in the world were they where they were in the first place?

(Think carefully about this.) 

There apparently weren’t any roads or bridges across the Sea or the Jews would have used them and there would be no problem. That makes sense. So assuming there weren’t, how in the world did Moses expect to get across the Lakes? And if he didn’t know how, then what was he doing there? Was he lost? Didn’t he know another way across or around the Lakes? He apparently knew where he was going because he was on a 500-mile trip. So, why would he lead this huge group of people up to the edge of a Lake that he couldn’t cross? Who in the world planned that trip anyway? Certainly not ‘Triple AAA’!
The whole story simply falls apart if you simply think for yourself. If you are indoctrinated, then your answer will be “God did it” to everything. That’s what indoctrination is all about. But if you think for yourself, you can easily see how poorly thought-out it is. It collapses of its own stupidity once you stop sucking in the party line.

The Red Sea (Sea of Reeds) didn’t open up. The million or so Jews and animals didn’t exist and they didn’t cross the desert and God didn’t hold the waters back for them. None of it happened. As for the Egyptians chasing them, they didn’t happen either. The 600 chariots and their accompanying horses and soldiers didn’t all fit comfortably and stupidly into the Red Sea between two high walls of water so they could be conveniently drowned. No one would be that stupid, certainly not combat veterans, and certainly not the seasoned commander of an Egyptian unit of trained charioteers.  None of it ever happened and, come to think of it, neither did the Exodus. That story is filled with holes from beginning to end. What amazes me is that these stories have hung around so long. But remember what I said earlier: the stories in the Old Testament are all about Jews. And in every story, the Jews prevail, thanks to this God who loves them so much because they are so wonderful and because Jews wrote all the scripts. 

But did something happen? Sure. And we will get to that in a moment. But the second part of the Exodus is Passover, the holy day that preceded it. We need to take a look at that story. 

You remember Passover? That’s where God killed thousands of innocent Egyptian children in order to punish the King of Egypt. Like what the King did was the children’s fault. Here’s how that story goes.

The Egyptian King refused to free his Jewish slaves as God requested. (Here comes God again to save his Jewish kids from the rest of us.) So, God decides to punish the King. He sends an angel to tell the Jews He is coming to kill all the Egyptian first-born babies. Since God didn’t know where the Jews lived, and in order to keep them safe from his avenging angels, he tells the Jews to put lamb’s blood on their front door. That way, His Angels would know which homes to let alone – which homes to “pass over” – and which ones to ‘visit’. 

(Know what I would have done if I were an Egyptian in those days? I would have immediately got some lamb’s blood and put it on MY front door to confuse those dumb Angels – and they would have skipped me thinking I was Jewish. Make sense? Of course it makes sense. Not only that, but I might have gone into business selling lamb’s blood to other Egyptians to put on their front doors, to save their children from being murdered. Without the houses being marked, the Angels were apparently helpless.)

And what about this one: the story of Joseph. This is one more wonderful success stories about a Jewish kid that makes good in a foreign land. Joseph is a slave who becomes the Pharaoh’s dream interpreter and top assistant and eventually Governor of all of Egypt. That’s not a bad job for a Jewish slave but we have to keep in mind who it was that wrote this story. Somehow Jews always seem to come out ahead in Bible stories. (I wonder why.)

(Note: As we read on, keep in mind the one thing that is integral to belief in all these stories: the suspension of common sense.) 

Some Bible documentaries seem to suggest that Moses was the son of a Jewish mistress and the Pharaoh, Rameses II. That in fear for his life, his mother spirited him away. Somehow, Moses ended up living for some years in a small town in the desert. Then one day, God appeared to Moses in a burning bush. (Suspension #1.)

God tells Moses to go back to Egypt and order the Pharaoh (Rameses II) to release the Jews. God apparently can’t accomplish this by Himself, but needs Moses to carry this message to Rameses. (Suspension #2.)

So Moses goes back and gets an audience with the Pharaoh, Rameses II. No one bothers to explain how this unknown man out of the desert can get such an audience (Suspension #3), but he appears before the Pharaoh and tells him God has sent him (Moses) to demand that he (Rameses II) set the Jews free.

Rameses declines. To prove the power of his God, Moses then throws his shaft to the floor where upon it turns into a deadly snake. (Suspension #4.)

(Remember this is not supposed to be a fairytale. It is not supposed to be science fiction. It is supposed to be true. Do you believe this happened? Do you believe this COULD happen, a walking stick turn itself into a living deadly snake? I don’t.)

Rameses, seeing the snake on the floor before him, and becoming frightened, motions to two of his high priests that are standing in the room.  Responding to their Pharaoh’s concern, the two priests throw their own shafts onto the floor whereupon BOTH OF THEM also turn into snakes. (Suspension #5.)

(So now we have three snakes on the floor in the room.)  At what point does this become silly? But wait, there’s more!)

As the snakes tangle, Moses’ snake suddenly turns on the other two and devours both of them! That’s right. The good snake eats the two bad snakes. (Suspension #6.) The Pharaoh is suitably impressed and I don’t know where the story goes from there but who cares. It is all such silly nonsense.

Bible stories are like that. The are predicated on the assumption that you will suspend your thinking processes and buy into what is pure nonsense. And for thousands of years, the “faithful” have done just that. That’s why these stories persist. The willingness of the faithful to be manipulated.

So what is the truth behind these stories? Here’s my guess.

A small group of Jewish slaves, perhaps a few thousand, did escape slavery in Egypt. When they were found to be missing, the Pharaoh sends his charioteers – 600 of them – with a small number of soldiers under the command of his eldest son to bring them hack

Altogether about 1,200 soldiers were dispatched to bring back a few thousand Jewish runaways. However, when the soldiers caught up to the fleeing Jews, there was an intense battle and the Pharaoh’s son was killed (hence the first born story) permitting the Jews to escape. Getting two thousand hardy Jews across the desert might have been possible and that might be the genesis of the story of Passover and the Exodus.

The original “urban legends” had a small grain of truth to them and that was the basis for the Bible stories

(1) All the Egyptian first born were not slain by God.
(2) There was no fly-over by the Angels of Death (what’s an Angel of Death?).
(3) Passover is the celebration of something that truly never happened – thank God.
(4) The journey over the desert by a handful of robust slaves may have taken a few months walking mainly at night but never forty years.  

These stories can be found, among others, in my Essay titled; “The Origin of Faith - The Day The Jews Invented God”.

Before exploring the Essay, let ms say this: I have no desire to hurt religion or the people who deeply believe in it. I think of Christianity as a bulwark to communism and as a means to a political affiliation among people that can be – and has been - used to transcend national borders.
For example, in Europe over the centuries, people in Spain hated people in Germany, people in Ireland all but detested people in England, the Germans and the Fresh hated one another as do the English with the people in France and Germany etc.
What allowed them all to come to America and build a new nation among themselves was the common thread created by Christianity. That thread bonded them more strongly than their differences alienated them. They all accepted Jesus and the existence of a hereafter. 
Therefore it strikes me that Christianity is a political force which acts for the good of the world as much as it is a religious force which acts for the good of its followers. And I don’t think believers have to accept that any more than I have to except the inherent religiosity of the various churches, just as long as we all live their message. 
When religious individuals get down on religion because of the sex scandals that crop up in all religions or because of the Tele-evangelists that in my opinion are very destructive of religion, that doesn’t do any good for them or their country. They are, to coin a phrase, throwing out the baby with the bath water when what we be far better for them and America would be to work to correct what wrong in their churches.

There is little as comforting when dealing with life’s serious problems than simply going to church or appealing to a higher authority for the strength to cope. Many people truly need that.  .
When I write that the Old Testament may not be what most of us were taught, or that the Old Testament stories may be more allegorical than factual, I worry that I am hurting the very cause that I wish to champion: religion.

You might say I want the physical organization to succeed but the ‘faith’ to be more in the order of a prayer: there for those who need it but not necessary for those who do not - but always within the fabric of the church.

Let me add that no matter what is truth and what is fancy, if the fancy helps you to get through this life and deal with its many crises and problems, then the church’s attitude and mine should be and is, “more (of God’s) power to you.” After all, there are many roads to Damascus with Damascus being the end of life and the paths being the churches and institutions that help us to get there. 
So that’s my reasoning yet I hasten to add that I find it almost self-evident that Genesis is a collection of stories fabricated loosely on true cataclysmic events of ancient times. The tales of these events handed down verbally over many generations while they maintained much of their central character, in passing took on a new dimension as, “Acts of God”. And for very understandable reasons.

The contemporaries of the day had little understanding of the forces that beset them; hence, they stood in awe of much that to us today would be passed off as nature’s phenomena. That wasn’t true to them and so they immortalized those events in ballad stories and songs that took on a life of their own and in that manner were they passed from generation to generation for centuries. Eventually the stories, or what was left of them, reached the ears of men that could write and so, each interpreting the stories with his own life experiences – they were written down for posterity transmuted in the process from acts of nature to Acts of God. .

Over the next millennia, hundreds of these written “texts” were found throughout Israel and translated from Hebrew to Greek by the Emperor Alexander. But in time, the money ran out and a great number of untranslated texts were added to the back of the newly bound volume known as the Old Testament,. These texts have since been lost and are now known by the name: “The Lost Texts Of Israel”.

That is a very perfunctory history of how, where and when the Old Testament stories got written which explains why there are so many inaccuracies in them. How could there not be? And that prompted my Essay. Therefore, the question: am I doing more harm than good writing it? I hope the later but I fear the former. The Essay does explore a lot of things in a way that might upset a lot of people.
Which wasn’t my intent. I actually believe religion can not only survive but be stronger than ever if it alters not its message so much but its fundamental structure and philosophy.

If not, it will become increasingly irrelevant, at least in America.

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Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

The Smart Car

The Smart Car






By Joseph J Kusnell

DOES BARACK OBAMA NOW OWN THE United States of America? He is giving 55% of Chrysler and 40% of GM to the UAW (which was the primary cause for the failure of these two companies) because big labor gave HIM 33 million dollars for his election and voted for him.



He is giving 55% of Chrysler and 40% of GM to the UAW (which was the primary cause for the failure of these two companies) because big labor gave HIM 33 million dollars for his election and voted for him. So he takes OUR money and gives it to HIS friends. hmmmm. And the loving, adoring press laughs and applauds like morons all the time shuttering with delight.

Take a look at California. This is a state run largely by idiots. Call them environmentally-challenged. They now find themselves some 21 BILLION dollars in debt this year with more in store for next year. So bad is it that they couldn’t even send out tax refunds this year, they had to send out I.O.U’s instead with no relief in sight. That’s bad government.

So now they (California) want the Federal Government (which is another name for OBAMA) to give them 21 billion dollars of OUR money so they don’t have to pay for their own carelessness and inept government. Will bailing them out with all this money (that we have to BORROW) help them correct the mistakes of the past? Of course not. No pain, no gain. So why would we want to do that for them? We wouldn’t. So who would? Barack Obama would. Why? Because California voted for him big time.

So that’s why I ask the question: Who now owns our country? Who now owns YOUR money? Is it the Democratic Party? Liberals? Barack Obama??? It would seem so.
Recently California tried to lower the cost of their government by cutting back on their run-away UNION teacher salaries. How did Obama react to their attempt at fiscal conservatism? He told them, “you lower union salaries and I will take back the stimulus money”. Just like a mother bird protecting her young.

WOW. Was that his own personal money they got? Does he even realize he can’t do that? That he is America’s President, not its OWNER. Are the inmates now running the asylum?

And what ever happened to the (I want to try to say this without laughing) “watch-dog press”? Hahahaha. (Sorry.)

My God, if this crowd can gain control of the Supreme Court, they will have complete power and there will be no more liberty in this country. All thanks to our ill informed and not-very-bright electorate.

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom, they say, but how can we be vigilant when we don’t know the truth thanks to an obsequious and dishonest national press where guys are so busy slobbering over Obama they can’t find it in their heart to criticize him. I guess because he is so charming or maybe so Black? But how then can they act as investigators or analysts if they have chills running up and down their leg (Chris Matthews) when Obama speaks. Hero worship is not conducive to good government.

This is the same thing that happened when Adolph Hitler spoke? And Castro? And Churchill? And Mao? The people have long been suckers for charismatic leaders who could make good speeches. What do they care about substance? Most of them wouldn’t know substance if they fell over it.

Now there is this: Welcome to the world of the itsy-bitsy teeny-weenie automobile of the future - known as “The Obamamobile”. It looks more like a freakin’ golf cart than a car! And God help you if you are driving this thing on a highway and you get hit. You will be stone DEAD!

Smart Car headline was:

“Better mileage but safety could suffer”.

“It could?” You bet it could! You don’t think this golf-cart-car is going to be safe when a pickup or a trailer truck or even another golf cart traveling at 60 MPH on the highway hits it, do you? Well don’t worry about it. Put two adult men in this kiddy cart and take it out on the highway and at the first grade, you will have to get out and push it up the hill so the bigger danger to you will be the danger of being rear ended as you push.

This is Obama’s vision of the car of the future in America. lol. America is a country of FOUR MILLION square miles. And THIS is the car we are going to drive across country? Hell I wouldn’t want to drive it on the expressway in town. Let’s see how many Americans want this thing after a few are in accidents at 65 MPH. It’s a cinch they will never have a chance to buy another one.

Increased mileage comes from making cars lighter and less safe. And what is the reason we want to do this? To reduce carbon emissions? And why do we want to do that? Since 1900, carbon emissions have more than doubled but at the same time, life expectancy has increased from 59.1 years to about 80.0 years. What’s that, a 40% INCREASE in life expectancy? What this shows me is we need MORE carbon not less. As for getting rid of foreign oil being the reason for all this political crap, I say try drilling for our own oil. That will take care of the problem and it will be much cheaper.

They are all nuts. The problem with the America auto industry is the UAW and nothing else. They are overpaid, the wages and benefits and work habits raise the price of American cars to where they are competitive, and they produce shoddy workmanship because they know that can’t be disciplined. This is why American cars are not selling – they aren’t built very well. The American consumer thinks American cars break down too much. (Remember? “Never buy a Detroit car that was assembled on Friday afternoon”. Remember that? What do you think that was all about? And what did FORD mean? “Found On the Roadway Dead.”) Notice Toyoto, also with America workers but with NO UAW, builds very good cars and sells them too. They have a well-deserved reputation for dependability. And why? If you don’t do your job, you get fired! That’s why.

Anyway GM and Chrysler sold more cars than Toyoto did but Toyoto made a profit while GM and Chrysler lost money. Why? The UAW is why. The UAW, Obama’s friends. The UAW was and is the trouble with the Big “3″. So who does Obama protect? The UAW. lol. And why? Because they supported him is why. What does he care about the country or the money or the problem the UAW has brought to the auto industry. They voted for him so he protects them. They raised 33 million dollars for his campaign so he owes them. After all, haven’t we have all heard this one: “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”?

So the UAW that caused this mess will own 55% of Chrysler and 40% of GM too. And to make that happen, the US Government will forgive these companies their debt (the bailout money Obama took from US). What that means is your president took your money out of your kid’s pockets and gave it to the unions. What a guy!!!!

Are you aware that 100% of the taxes collected in this country come from just 50% of the people. So half of us are paying for the other half and now we are taking over companies, screwing the stockholders, and turning the companies over to the labor unions that were partially if not totally responsible for their demise.

And someone thinks this is going to work? Wait and see. Obama will have to pass laws mandating that you buy a car from one of these companies for them to even stay in business. Since when are shop workers CEO’s??? What did Marx call it? A worker’s paradise? lol. You can look around the world and see how well that worked in communist countries. So we need it here now?

By they way, there isn’t really anything wrong with carbon emissions anyway. That’s bull. What’s wrong is 6.5 billion people competing with one another for resources and far too few leaders worthy of the name - leader.

Sucker = the American voter.

The two are synonymous.




PS I am in favor of unions. Just limit them to statewide size. National unions are an invitation to national corruption. You can see the result.

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Saturday, May 23rd, 2009



by Joseph J Kusnell

Once upon a time, there was a land of make believe called “Obama-land”. In Obama-land up was down and down was up and nothing existed unless it existed left of center.

One day there developed in the land of “Obama-land”, a practice known as “Enjoy Today and Pay Tomorrow” the accepted vehicle for which was the credit card. For people that had no job or could not pay their bills, the credit card was like a ticket to Candyland. And so, many of the residents of “Obama-Land” became enamored of the practice and began to “Enjoy Today and Pay Tomorrow”.

But over time, something happened. This practice of living on borrowed money became malevolent and soon, many “Abama-Land Residents” found themselves in dire financial straits with still no money but big credit card balances at high interest rates. And slowly and inexorably they began to fall behind.

Enter the Master of Obama-Land, Barako-Obama. Master Obama determined that what had to be done was that the purveyors of the credit cards had to be prevented from charging so much interest to those who already had balances which they could not pay. Charging these people higher interest rates, said Master Obama, when they had no money was cruel and inhuman since the people living off their credit cards couldn’t pay them back so how in the world could they pay higher interest rates too? And so, the Master decreed that these higher interest rates would be lowered to a more reasonable rate, say that of people who did make their payments on time.

This new law led to consternation on the part of the credit card industry because the very people who were running the biggest unpaid balances and getting the furthest behind were now protected from being charged high-risk interest rates. This put the credit card companies in the trying circumstance of have to accept less interest revenue from the very people that were their biggest risks. It was an unsustainable method of running a financial loan business.

This could only lead to the credit card companies eventually defaulting themselves. After all, how could you not charge the highest interest to the people carrying the highest unpaid balances over the longest time? That seemed obvious.

And then someone suggested an answer. Find the persons with low balances, people who pay on time every month, people who are no problem, and raise the interest rates on them to pay for the loss of interest on those who are always behind.

And what the Master was asked, if those people are not running big enough balances month to month from which interest can be earned sufficient enough to offset what is being lost on the delinquent accounts? And the Master smiled knowingly and said, “then charge them a fee for using your credit cards.”

“Can we also charge a fee to those who are delinquent?”

“No, they have enough to deal with.”

The owners of the credit card companies looked at one another. “You mean,” they said to the Master, “we lowered the interest rates on the people who run delinquent high balances and then to recoup our losses, we must raise the interest rates – and charge fees – on those that do not?”

“Exactly. After all, which money is more likely to be paid?”

“The fees from those who pay their bills on time, certainly.”

“Exactly. And which are less likely to be paid?”

“The fees, interest and balances from those who do not pay their bills on time.”

“So there you go. Raise the fees on those that pay and pay on time to cover the losses from the new lower interest rates on the delinquent accounts.”

“I find that a most amazing concept.”

“Exactly but what do you expect from “Alice In Obama-Land”.

Have a nice day.


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Articles in Joey’s Talk and Controversy are the express opinions of Joey and not Boomeryearbook. However, while non-members can read articles on only members can make comments. Joey’s section is called Joey’s Talk and Controversy for a good reason. In Joey’s words, “I hope I’ve given you food for thought and you will join boomeryearbook and respond”. is a social networking site connecting the Baby Boomer generation. Share your thoughts, rediscover old friends, or expand your mind with brain games provided by clinical psychologist Dr. Karen Turner. Join today to discover the many ways we are helping Boomers connect for fun and profit.


Baby Boomers Letter to President Obama

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Pres. Obama's Apology Tour

17, 2009

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Mr. Obama:

I have had it with you and your administration, sir. Your conduct on your recent trip overseas has convinced me that you are not an adequate representative of the United States of America collectively or of me personally.

You are so obsessed with appeasing the Europeans and the Muslim world that you have abdicated the responsibilities of the President of the United States of America. You are responsible to citizens of the United States. You are not responsible to the peoples of any other country on earth.

I personally resent that you go around the world apologizing for the United States telling Europeans that we are arrogant and do not care about their status in the world. Sir, what do you think the First World War and the Second World War were all about if not the consideration of the peoples of Europe? Are you brain dead? What do you think the Marshall Plan was all about? Do you not understand or know the history of the 20th century?

Baby Boomers Letter to Pres. Obama

Baby Boomers Letter to Pres. Obama

Where do you get off telling a Muslim country that the United States does not consider itself a Christian country? Have you not read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States? This country was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and the principles governing this country, at least until you came along, come directly from this heritage. Do you not understand this?

Your bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia is an affront to all Americans. Our President does not bow down to anyone, let alone the king of Saudi Arabia. You don’t show Great Britain, our best and one of our oldest allies, the respect they deserve yet you bow down to the king of Saudi Arabia. How dare you, sir! How dare you!

You can’t find the time to visit the graves of our greatest generation because you don’t want to offend the Germans but make time to visit a mosque in Turkey. You offended our dead and every veteran when you give the Germans more respect than the people who saved the German people from themselves. What’s the matter with you?

I am convinced that you and the members of your administration have the historical and intellectual depth of a mud puddle and should be ashamed of yourselves, all of you.

You are so self-righteously offended by the big bankers and the American automobile manufacturers yet do nothing about the real thieves in this situation, Mr. Dodd, Mr. Frank, Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelic, the Fannie Mae bonuses, and the Freddie Mac bonuses. What do you intend to do about them? Anything? I seriously doubt it.
What about the U.S. House members passing out $9.1 million in bonuses to their staff members – on top of the $2.5 million in automatic pay raises that lawmakers gave themselves? I understand the average House aide got a 17% bonus. I took a 5% cut in my pay to save jobs with my employer.. You haven’t said anything about that. Who authorized that? I surely didn’t!

Executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be receiving $210 million in bonuses over an eighteen-month period, that’s $45 million more than the AIG bonuses. In fact, Fannie and Freddie executives have already been awarded $51 million – not a bad take. Who authorized that and why haven’t you expressed your outrage at this group who are largely responsible for the economic mess we have right now.

I resent that you take me and my fellow citizens as brain-dead and not caring about what you idiots do. We are watching what you are doing and we are getting increasingly fed up with all of you. I also want you to know that I personally find just about everything you do and say to be offensive to every one of my sensibilities. I promise you that I will work tirelessly to see that you do not get a chance to spend two terms destroying my beautiful country.


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Saturday, May 2nd, 2009


By: Joseph J Kusnell for

Harden County, Oregon, not long ago was one of Oregon’s richest counties. As a top logging town, it had the world’s largest pine mill and provided a lot of lumber and a lot of local jobs.

But the all-but-ridiculous environmentalists found that logging endangered the spotted owl and so, they lobbied to close the mill down.

Today, Harden County is bankrupt. Its unemployment rate is 25%. Families have had to move to find work elsewhere. The trees now grow under protection of the Federal Government. The spotted owls are thriving.

But -

The formerly largest pine mill in the world is closed and rotting away.

The men who used to work here can’t find work anywhere.

Logging in the American west is down 60% with a ton of lost jobs.

But America still need lumber (as we need oil). So we need to get that lumber somewhere (as we do oil). So where do we get it?

We import it from other countries.

Where do they get it?

They cut down their forests for it.

Do they have spotted owls in their forests?

Who knows.

Does anyone in these countries care?

I guess not.

Do we have to pay for the lumber we import?

Sure. We pay a lot of money for it.

Do these countries make money by selling their lumber to us?

Of course they do. It’s a thriving business way up in the past twenty years.

Is that because we stopped cutting down our own trees?

Yes, certainly.

Does that increase employment in those countries?

Yes, it does.

Does that increase unemployment in our country?

Yes, it does.

So they are doing great and we are doing poorly, right?

That’s right.

But our spotted owls are happy while theirs are not, right?

Right. Their owls are miserable, but ours party every night.

What about their people?

They party every night because they have jobs.

And ours?

We have nothing to party for, so we are miserable.

Join the party. One of the gravest dangers to America today are the environmentalists. They are thoroughly out of touch with reality yet somehow,

they stay in power. And - of course – they are all democrats.

They fiddle as America burns.

This is the result of having too many Democrats in power. All these wackos belong to the Democratic Party. I would love to track them down and ask them if they eat chicken? Or ever enjoy a nice steak or sausage or bacon with their eggs?

What about leather that comes from the hide of animals? Have any of that around the house in things like shoes, bags, belts, pocketbooks, or wallets? And what about the medication they use? Was any of that medication developed at the expense of certain animals in laboratories? If they answer yes to any of these questions, then they are disingenuous at best and phonies at worst. We need to get rid of them.

It is not too late to stop this destruction of America. In 2010 you can save your country but returning checks and balances to your government: Vote Republican – restore balance to both houses so they can’t get away with what they are trying to do. If you don’t, you will have to live with the result. And so will your children and so will your grandchildren - and I can assure you, you won’t like it very much.

A lot of lives were lost creating the best country the world has ever known. It would be a shame to see it destroyed by this crowd.


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Obama Apologizes To Europe For American Arrogance

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Pres. Obama bows to Saudi King

Pres. Obama bows to Saudi King

(shades of John Kerry’s apology tour)

by: Joseph J Kusnell for

An open letter to the President of the United States:

“Dear Mr. President: It is not America that is arrogant; it is you who are arrogant. That has become increasingly obvious with each of your public appearances. It might nevertheless be a good idea for you to take a moment to review American and World History since you seem to be somewhat lacking in historical perspective. To assist you in this undertaking, l will take a moment here to review specific examples of world-power arrogance and together we can see how America shapes up. It might be illuminating.

England: The English Colonial Empire extended around the world and into North America for centuries. To say England was arrogant on the world scene would be a gross understatement. If arrogance is defined as acting without regard to the opinion of others, then the English may have invented arrogance. Even so, it was certainly not limited to England. Most European countries at one time or other have been arrogant ranging from the Greeks to the Roman Empire to the Ottomans. World powers usually do that, act without the permission of others.

France: France is another example of a country that has acted arrogantly in its past. Study the conduct of the French in North Africa and see whether their conduct would properly be classed as arrogant. I’d say it would be. (By the way they also sent their fleet half way around the world to assist the fledging United States of America because of their hatred of the British. (A good example of national arrogance even if it did benefit America.)

Germany: This would be funny if the subject matter wasn’t so serious. Germany started two world wars that resulted in the death of eighty million people. Were they sensitive to the feelings of other nations? Give me break. America left 350,000 dead soldiers on European soil, boys sent there to defend EUROPE – not America - from that arrogance. (By the way, no one objected when our troops landed in Europe to save those Europeans from a German dictator but they did object when we landed in Iraq to save the Iraqis from an Iraqi dictator. If the shoe fits –)

Spain: Has everyone forgotten the history of the Spanish in the Western Hemisphere? The Spanish Armada or the brutal colonization of the New World by Spain? Arrogance anyone?

Russia: Would you call it arrogant when a people’s government decides to kill tens of millions of their own citizens as well as millions of citizens of other countries in order to create communist states? Did they ask the permission of any other nations before they acted? Did they care what anyone else thought of their activities around the world? No, I don’t think so. They just did what they wanted to do and slaughtered whomever they wanted to slaughter.

China: Mao Tse Tung and Chou En-Lai killed many tens of millions of their own people to install communism and then invaded peaceful Tibet. In doing so, they ignored the complaints of all other nations. I call that arrogance personified.

Japan: How arrogant was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor or their treatment of America prisoners of war in the South Seas? And what about their brutal, arrogant and vicious attacks on China before that? How much did they care about world opinion when they decided to act militarily against their neighbors? None at all.

Iraq: Would you call gassing 300,00 of your own people in order to establish and maintain a dictatorship, acting arrogantly? What about attacks on your neighbors and ignoring UN mandates? Would your call Hussein an arrogant dictator? will leave that one to you.

Who have I missed? Castro? Chavez’ Peron? How about Hannibal, Alexander and the Moors?

It would seem to me that arrogance is a staple of world superpowers and always has been. Why even recently, England sent warships half way around the world to fight the Argentines over Islands off the shore of Argentina. That seems to have been colonialism at its worst. You see, arrogance is acting without caring much for the opinion of others and by that definition, every one of these countries has acted arrogantly when it suited their purpose.

But you, Mr. President, never mentioned their histories. For some reason, all you could think to criticize was America. So tell me specifically sir, where and how America was so arrogant that you felt the need to apologize. As you do, keep in mind:

It was America that suffered on 9/11.

It was America that suffered from terrorist attacks that killed 250 of its Marines in Beirut.

It was America that was the victim when the US Cole was the target of terrorists.

It was America that was attacked in 1991 when the first WTC bombing occurred.

So Mr. President, it is obvious that we were provoked. So with that in mind, please point out where America was so arrogant and what did we gain from that behavior.

We went into Viet Nam but that was to aid the French who were there and stave off communist expansion as the French retreated (which they do so well). Did America have a national interest there? No, the French did. America went in to halt the takeover of South Vietnam by communist North Vietnam.

What about Korea? Was that an example of American arrogance? I think North Korea attacked South Korea and we entered the fray once again to halt the spread of a ruthless and despotic North Korean communist government. We had no other interest there and when we left, we took nothing with us. And what did we gain personally from that war? Nothing. What did we take away with us from that war. Nothing. Nothing that is except our wounded.

So exactly where was America arrogant? And who says so besides you? Is it your position that it’s arrogant for a world power to act in its own self-interest and if so, what are we doing in Afghanistan and what are our troops doing around the world defending those who do not wish to defend themselves. Is that more American arrogance?

Perhaps, Mr. President, you should go back and re-read a bit of history before you rip America.

So that takes us to Iraq, your long personal whipping boy and Democratic Talking Point (until you got elected). As I look back on Iraq, I see a dictator vanquished and a country that has now held three consecutive free elections for the first time in its long history. Remember those nine million Iraqis who risked their lives to vote? Remember how proud they were? Remember how they held up their green fingers. We did that.

So Iraq now has freedom for the first time along with a freely elected government. Hopefully they can keep it but we gave it to them. We suffered and died giving them freedom. No one wanted to help so WE are arrogant???? Would this freedom have occurred had we listened to Europe?

America put up the blood and the money to depose the madman Saddam Hussein. And what did we get out of it? How did we personally gain from it? What did we take home from Iraq to compensate for our sacrifice?

Nothing, sir. And what do you see that was arrogant in that? Or do you mean we were arrogant because others - particularly in Europe - didn’t want to fight there and so we did it ourselves. Was that arrogant, Mr. President? Should we have left when Germany, France and Russia refused to help out? Is that what you think should have been done?

Are other countries now going to make policy decisions for America during your administration? Is that how you plan to run our great country? Didn’t John Kerry once say he would do that if elected, visit every country (including anti-American countries) to ask if they approved of some contemplated US move? Just to make sure it was okay with them? Isn’t that what he said, Mr. President and is that where you got the idea?:

Now tell me, sir, which European power had done that in the past? When have they checked with us before taking actions they felt were in their own self-interest? If they did, I must have missed it.

Today we are in Afghanistan fighting another war and none of those European powers that wouldn’t help Bush is going to help you either. Know why? Because you are arrogant, sir. Look in the mirror. You just added more American troops to Afghanistan and so far none of the countries you have apologized to, has offered to send troops to help out. Same as with Bush. Therefore, to use your own logic, you must be arrogant.

Your speeches were ridiculous and ill-considered. Personally, I don’t think you know much about world history and I don’t think you know what you are talking about and were it not for the utter stupidity of so many American voters, you would still be working as a community organizer. But sadly, you are not. You now are leading the greatest country in the world. But where you are leading her is the big question.

So we were arrogant in Iraq because Germany, France and Russia refused to come in and help us to depose Hussein? Why when everyone knows these three countries were in bed with the guy. They were the primary markets for his oil. They were participants in his food-for-oil scam. They traded with the Middle East entire region and it was that which motivated their disinterest. Or did you think their lack of involvement was based on principal or simple altruism? Don’t make me laugh. They were all busy serving their own self-interest. Would you call that arrogance, Mr President? I dame sure would.

Finally, Mr. President let me look at something you said once in a speech, something about despots and dictators. You said we don’t have to fight them, we can let them ‘rust out’ or ‘run out of time’, words to that effect. In other words you can wait them out rather than go in and root them out. Of course many would die in the waiting, but you seemed to think that was the way to handle them.

I suppose this would indeed be the non-arrogant approach. But would it work? Can you really get rid of dictators by waiting them out? Let’s check on a few.

Castro President for Life

Peron President for Life

Chavez President for Life

Duvalier President for Life (Papa Doc)

Duvalier President for Life (Baby Doc)

Chou En Lai President for Life

Mao Tse Tung President for Life

Stalin President for Life

Hitler President for Life (Killed)

Mussolini President for Life (Killed)

The list goes on and on. Dictators don’t quit any more than their powerless people remove them. That almost never happens. Either someone else comes in and removes them or they don’t get removed. Your comment was pacifist nonsense. You recommend the gutless approach which itself is very self-serving.

What arrogance means to Europeans is that we fought in Iraq when Germany, France and Russia would not. They were against our being in there but we went in anyway. That’s why we were arrogant. Because we did what we thought had to be done – just as they have done throughout history.

Keep in mind, Mr. President, these same countries were not against us coming to Europe and leaving 350,000 dead American kids on European soil to save their butts in two World Wars. Coming in and using our power to save them could have been seen by some as acting arrogantly, but it was not because they needed us. Definitions can be flexible depending upon circumstances – and politics.

Your comment to Europeans that we are an arrogant nation played into their bruised psyches and they ate it up. What you said and where your said it and to whom, acted to elevate them at our expense. For that you should be taken to task since you are President of the United States and not of Europe. More to the point, what you said was dead wrong. You have no pride in America and it’s obvious. Your view is that of a one-worlder and Americans better understand that before you do irrevocable harm to our country.

Tell me, sir, America fought in Europe twice, in Iraq, in Viet Nam, and in Korea all in this century. What did we take home with us? What did we personally gain from those battles? What plunder did we amass as the Russians did in World War II or England and France and Spain did in their heydays. What plunder did America take home with us for our sacrifices?

The answer is nothing. That’s what we took home. When you were in Harvard, did they bother to teach you American history at all??? Or wasn’t American history all that important to them?

In all those wars, America fought for someone else or for freedom for someone else. We were not protecting anything we had from someone who wanted to take it from us. They were not wars of conquest. We fought to make life better for others. We fought to save Europe and the world from Nazi domination. We fought to save the South Koreans from the communist North. We fought to save the South Vietnamese from the communist North.

What selfishness! What arrogance!

America took nothing home from their victories. Nor did we occupy lands or rob national treasures. We did none of the things most victors do to the vanquished.

Yes, we’re the bad guys Mr. Turncoat President Obama. We’re the arrogant ones all right; not the European leaders that refused to fight Dictator Hussein for political and economic reasons. Who could care less about the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis he murdered or the young women he took off the streets and raped. They didn’t care. We cared enough to fight but they didn’t. And you call us arrogant?

According to you, MR. PRESIDENT, it was America that was arrogant, self-serving, and dictatorial. Well sir, you are lucky we have such a dishonest American press today otherwise you would be roasted on every front page in America. But you won’t be because they are arrogant in their politics and diseased in their dishonesty. Integrity is no longer a part of American journalism so your little gaffe will be largely ignored. But not to worry, you will repeat it because you believe it and in that will lie your undoing.

America is the best country this world has ever seen. Not perfect but the best. Someone ought to have told you that before you decided to run for the Presidency.

It might have helped you preserve her.


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