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Boomer Alert!!! How To Avoid Being A Scam Victim

Sunday, January 11th, 2009



As the world becomes more technologically advanced, thieves have more ways to swindle you out of your money. There are internet scams, lotto scams, pyramid scheme scams, mail scams, scams set to play on your emotions - numerous ways designed to reel you and your bank account in when your guard is down. So how do you strike a balance between being a good Samaritan and a cautious person? Your mother had the formula, and so did her mother. It’s simple really: Say No to Strangers.

You wouldn’t give someone on the street your credit card number or access to your bank account right? That same prudence is needed in all areas of life- the telephone, the internet, and at your kid’s school. Scams are easily avoided if we remain alert and cautious. Learn how to not make yourself vulnerable to the many tricks and ruses of the 21st century scammer by learning what scams are ‘out there.’

Internet Scams

It seems that everyday a new internet scam pops up. Some of the more recent ones include the E-Greeting Card scam- a scam designed to extract personal information from your email and your computer while you are viewing the e-card, and use it for mail fraud, or annoying spam mail or telemarketing; Password Security/Verification scam- this goes a step further, you are asked to enter your password and a security question/answer to secure your online passwords from hackers, but the truth is that you are giving hackers access to your computer, email etc by entering and re-entering your password.

Finally, the most recent scams have to do with online job searches. You post your resume on a website and are contacted by email from a ‘vibrant new company’ who are eagerly setting up an interview for you in which you will be tested on knowledge about the company exclusively available for you to purchase with your credit card online. They tempt you with a hefty salary and it is only two weeks and zero interviews later that you realize no such company exists. You’ve been scammed.

Telephone Scams

These are generally of the same nature. You receive a phone call from a friendly-sounding operator telling you that there was a problem with your credit card/ bank account/ package at the post-office etc. and that you need to answer a few questions to get it up and running again. You are grateful for the call thinking that you were saved some future embarrassment but, think for a second. Most banks and related institutions require you to come into their office with a valid ID to sort out any problems. This woman on the phone then is probably just trying to buy a pair of designer shoes courtesy of you!

Sympathy Scams

These are varying in kind and usually involve someone in need of desperate help and only your money can help them. The Nigerian Scam is where, persons pretend that a relative of theirs has died leaving them money and the only way they can receive it is if it is sent through an American bank account. Suddenly, the person has access to your bank account and you are suddenly the contributing relative. Here’s something you can tell them: Western Union is available in Nigeria!

Say No to Strangers!

A sure-fire way of avoiding a scam is to not speak to strangers. Don’t open mail from a sender you don’t recognize, don’t loan money to a person you don’t know personally, and don’t give out private information unless you can see where it is going. Don’t talk to strangers!

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Digital Photography vs. Filmed Photography

Friday, December 12th, 2008

Digital Photography vs. Filmed Photography

Digital Photography vs. Filmed Photography

by Becky for

We all know how as times change, technology changes along with it. When boomers were growing up, good old film was used to take photos. I myself am an echo boomer, in my mid 30s, but I remember the 110 film, the 35mm film, as well as Polaroid Instant Film. The film was also sold based on how many photos you wanted to take. These amounts were usually 24 exposures, or 36 exposures. I know you can still purchase a Polaroid Instant Camera, as well as cameras that will use the 35mm film. However, according to the research I have done, the only way to find cameras that take the 110 film, are through a site such as Ebay.

Digital photography became popular with consumers in the 1990s . The first digital camera that was available commercially was the Dycam Model 1; which also sold as the Logitech

Fotoman. Instead of different types of film like the older cameras, digital cameras are designed to produce photos of different levels of megapixels. For those of you who may not know, a megapixel is 1 million pixels. A pixel is a tiny square on a computerized display that is so small it appears as a dot. The display screen is a solid grid of these squares or dots. I have seen digital cameras that produce photos with as little as 1 megapixel up to as many as 10 megapixels. The more mega pixels you have the better quality the print. My personal digital camera is a 3.1 megapixel and the photos are impeccable both on the computer and when printed. Digital cameras have affordable memory cards to insert into the camera to store hundreds of photos without having to print them.

There are pros and cons to both digital and print. Here’s just a few:

Film Photography: Pros: A film camera is slightly more affordable. Cons: You don’t know how the photo will look until it’s printed. You have to purchase film each time you use the allotted exposures for that roll. You are paying for the film, and then paying to have each photo printed, which can become rather costly. Once they are printed, you have no other way to preserve the photos other than in an album book.

Digital Photography: Pros: You can view the photo before printing. You don’t have to purchase film each time you want to use the camera. You can take hundreds of pictures with just one memory card and won’t have to worry about missing that great photo opportunity. You have the option of picking which photos to actually print. You can store the photos on the camera or upload them to your computer for safe-keeping in case the prints get destroyed. Cons: A digital camera is slightly less affordable.

As you can see, baby boomer photography may have evolved, and I along with other echoes probably prefer digital photography. I rarely took photos before digital cameras were available, but now, if given a choice, I am digital all the way. Especially as a parent, I cant imagine having to change the film in order to capture my son’s handsome smile when he opens gifts or sees the animals at the zoo.

So for those of you that have used both kinds of photography, do you have a preference? If you are stuck in the boomer years and still use the film cameras, tell us why? Head over to and share your thoughts with us. is a social networking site connecting the Baby Boomer generation. Share your thoughts, rediscover old friends, or expand your mind with brain games provided by clinical psychologist Dr. Karen Turner. Join today to discover the many ways we are helping Boomers connect for fun and profit.

Do you know what your children are doing on the Internet? A Boomeryearbook Must Read

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Do you know what your children are doing on the Internet? A Boomeryearbook Must Read

Do you know what your children are doing on the Internet? A Boomeryearbook Must Read


It´s almost Christmas time, so you buy a beautiful digital cam for your daughter, the latest thing in technology, 9 megapixels, cyber-shot, real state of the art; she´s so happy that she starts taking pictures of everything and everyone. You find it just precious and smile while seeing her happy.

So your daughter has a boyfriend off course, girls her age change boyfriends every couple of weeks, after all what do you expect from a 15 year old? Ok, here’s the rub. This boyfriend asks your daughter to take some “spicy” pics of her, it could be wearing a bikini, or just underwear, or with his name written on her body, your girl obviously takes them because she “loves” her boyfriend, and ta-dah!…. her nightmare begins.

Right now, on the Internet there are thousands of sites with these kinds of pictures from underage girls, mistakenly trusting they would only be seen by their boyfriend… WRONG!, a couple months later the boyfriend breaks up with your daughter and he starts sending those pics to a friend, and this friend to another…. Like a snowball, and no, it is impossible to stop it.

There are “collectors” for these kind of pictures, and they´re even websites dedicated exclusively for “trading” pictures of this kind; amateur pictures of underage girls! It´s been on TV and in the news, these “collectors” usually go a little bit further and once they find the girl´s contact information they start threatening her in order to get more pictures or cam shows or videos from her… do you understand why I used the word “nightmare” before?

So it could be easy, you can just call the cops on these guys, but the problem is that maybe your daughter will never tell you what´s going on, because she´s afraid and threatened that if she goes to the cops they will send the pictures home, or put them on more sites. There have been cases where the girls were forced to have sexual encounters with these predators.

Yes, it sounds insane, but it´s happening in front of our eyes and we refuse to see it. Most rating sites, or dating, or cam sites like stickam and such don´t bother about this, and if they do, usually they do it when it´s already too late. This kind of care should come from home, not from the websites your children frequent. Parents MUST be aware and be involved; setting and atmosphere of strong family values, attention and a good sexual responsibility.. NO, don´t leave that job to the school alone, BE INVOLVED!

So this Christmas, if you decide to give away a digital camera, or a webcam… think twice about how maturely your child will use his/her present.

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Does the Tech-Savvy Baby Boomer Exist?

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Last week my friend spent 4 hours teaching her 64-year-old mother how to program her brand new Ti-Vo to record her two favorite daily soaps. After 4 hours Mama Brown asked her daughter to return the “useless” machine to the store and bring her a good ol’ VCR that could easily record her shows. While there are many baby boomers like Mama Brown who couldn’t send an email to more than one person at once, or take 10 minutes to type a text message, there are just as many who have embraced technology as a crucial facet in everyday life. There are many boomers who instant message, can program their iPod nanos with no difficulty, even keep track of their daily blogs.

Tech-savvy baby boomers are quickly becoming the norm. Recent studies have shown that America’s 78 million boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, are just as likely as Gen X-ers and Gen Y-ers to own a mobile phone or to use the Internet. But the technology products and Web services they use often reflect the concerns boomers have as they move into their 60s. “Kids adopt new technology because it’s fun and cool and they’re curious,” says Dr. Reisen, co-founder of a popular boomer social website. “Boomers adopt technology as they need it.”

The lifestyle of the boomer generation influences the products they buy, says Susan Walker, founder of the Smart-Silvers Alliance, which seeks to promote awareness and development of consumer-friendly technology products for seniors. “Younger generations don’t hang around the house too long; they’re all about having portable media, personal entertainment,” Walker says. As we get older, we develop cataracts, weight gain, arthritis and that makes portable entertainment a tougher sell. The older generation loves TV, but you can’t stare at a 2-inch screen without having to get a stronger eyeglass prescription.

Difficulty of use is a common complaint; mobile phone developers have been chasing the younger generation with slicker, smaller handsets. Those tiny buttons are not made for an adult hand. That is probably why you don’t see many boomers text messaging.

Having witnessed the tech revolution, Baby Boomers are willing to embrace and purchase today’s emerging entertainment offerings, according to the findings in TV Land’s Joy of Tech Study. 78 million strong and $2.3 trillion in annual spending, and outpacing 18-39 year-olds by 53%, Baby Boomers have the numbers, financial means and desire to create their own “digital nest” - a place where new media technology creates both a personal escape as well as an entertainment hub for family and friends.

If you are tired of the teasing and taunting from your younger more tech-savvy counterparts, you can tell them that it is you the boomer that can take credit for shaping the course of this technology if not the entire direction of the digital revolution. Have you heard of Bill Gates? He is among one of digital industry pioneers now in their 50s. But several decades ago he was the annoying tech-savvy kid who seized the moment when the “old folks” had no clue. is a social networking site connecting the Baby Boomer generation. Share your thoughts, rediscover old friends, or expand your mind with brain games provided by clinical psychologist Dr. Karen Turner. Join today to discover the many ways we are helping Boomers connect for fun and profit.