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Treating the Boomer Pet for Arthritis

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Elderly Problems in Dogs

Elderly Problems in Dogs

Elderly Problems in Dogs


Arthritis is one of the elderly problems that a lot of our retirement boomers are familiar with. However, arthritis isn’t restricted to our species alone; our pets suffer from it to.

Like us, our pets are living a lot longer, and because of their extended life span there are more pet related elderly problems. Psychological articles and research have reported that if they live long enough, all mammals develop arthritis. However, because of the multiple ways that symptoms can be shown, a lot of the retirement boomers may not even be aware of their pet’s condition. However the situation can be easily attended to by monitoring pets carefully and getting regular vet checkups.
Basically arthritis is a chronic, slow progressing disease that is caused by the breakdown of cartilage in your pet’s body. As that occurs, bones begin to rub against one another resulting in pain and discomfort. There are numerous causes for arthritis, the most common being: genetic malformation of bone structure, trauma or infection to joint surfaces, torn supporting ligaments or tendons, poor nutrition, being over weight and auto-immune conditions.
Treatments vary, but here is a list of possibilities that our retirement boomers can consider:

The Holistic Approach

The holistic approach is simple- take care of the overall health of your pet, and not just the arthritis. Exercise is a must and do not let your pet become overweight. A fat pet is the owner’s, not the pet’s fault.

Non Steroidal Anti- Inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

NSAIDs stop pain by inhibiting inflammation in the joints. However, retirement boomers should make sure that their pet is properly monitored by a veterinarian because this drug has some serious side-effects such as:
• kidney related diseases
• gastric ulceration, and
• bleeding.

Disease Modifying Osteoarthritic Agents:
DMOAAs are an attempt by doctors to use added drugs which are natural and help in curing or relieving symptoms of arthritis. They have two categories called Nutraceuticals and Chondroprotectants. So far DMOAAs have not been found to have any side effects and increased research is showing that they are as effective as NSAIDs. Also when used in combination with NSAIDs they decrease the amount of NSAIDs required to relieve pain. They basically work by rebuilding cartilage, providing vital nutrients and decreasing inflammation which causes discomfort to our pets.

Glucosamine Sulfate & Glucosamine HCL

Dietary supplements are often recommended for pet related arthritis treatments, and we suggest retirement boomers consider this an option. The substance glucosamine whose common forms are mentioned above, are becoming quite popular amongst pet owners and veterinarians. Basically glucosamine is a type of amino sugar that is involved in the production of proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans, substances that make up cartilage and inhibit the production of enzymes that degrade them. These compounds reduce the inflammation of joints, regenerate cartilage, and gradually repair the damage caused on cartilage from trauma or infection. Glucosamine is available in capsule form but research shows the liquid form to be much more effective as it is easily absorbed and takes less time to relieve pain than pills. The most popular brand is Synflex Glucosamine, and is a safe and effective choice for your pet.

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Thursday, February 12th, 2009

The  baby boomers best friend

The baby boomers best friend


Let’s face it guys, in many cases our dogs are truly our best friends. Sure they take a lot of work, but as baby boomers, our dogs are oftentimes our “most faithful” Valentine; always happy to see us, always there for us, and always filled with love. Maybe the aging senior generation preferred owning a less high maintenance white Persian kitty cat or other docile animal; but for many baby boomers there’s no better alternate than the company of dogs. This Valentine’s Day I plan on buying my pooches (I personally have 3) some cute ‘presents’.

While I know this article might seem frivolous to some, and a little along the lines of ParisHilton-esque behaviors, I’m going to talk about gifts for the baby boomers dog. I guess the first question is ‘What are boomer dogs?’ The answer to that is simple: dogs that are, in dog years, well matured and er “middle”aged. Or, dogs that are owned by baby boomers can also be classified as boomer dogs. I don’t want to use the word old because that might make some baby boomers, including myself, feel a little touchy.
No matter what the reason was for baby boomers buying dogs, the fact is that dogs are just so lovable. My husband and my dogs are the only ones in my baby boomer empty nest house this Valentine’s Day so I thought to myself: why don’t I buy my dog something? It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds.

Dog breath STINKS. The solution: “dogtoids” … breath mints for dogs! It’s ingenious because really, you’re doing yourself a favor by buying them.

You can also buy your dog cute t shirts. I’m not really into buying dog clothing, especially in the summers, but some of the t shirts are just adorable and aren’t such a bother for dogs in the month of February. “To love, obey” is one of my favorite slogans on a dog t shirt.

Another fun gift could be balls that glow in the dark. You can play fetch with your dog at night too. Most balls will also float in the water and are made out of extra durable rubber. You probably already have treats for your dog but indulge this weekend and buy heart shaped treats to get into the full V Day fervor. You could also buy your dog a cute and plush heart shaped cushion for their bed, crate or favorite spot. (LOL, the foot of my bed).

What I just love buying for my dog is collars. I can’t get enough of them. You can buy such adorable heart-shaped collars for your dog, and your dog can wear one of those all year round. Heart shaped dog toys also make for useful gifts. Dog bowls and dog feeders can also be bought that have a Valentine theme.

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The Baby Boomers Best’s Friend

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Psychological articles discussing benefits of dogs for the baby boomers

Psychological articles discussing benefits of dogs for the baby boomers

Psychological Articles by

How A Dog Can Brighten The Baby Boomers Days

As psychological articles reveal, when Baby Boomers become empty nesters and begin settling into our new lives as retiree’s the house can get pretty quiet, especially for those who are widowed or divorced. When there is no one to take care of or be responsible for, the psychological articles warn that life can get a little dull. When that is the case a dog can be a great addition to our life. As cited in the psychological articles literature, for many, dogs have helped to keep the lives of Baby Boomers healthier, happier and even safer.

Information Recommended by Psychological Articles:
Going For A Walk

As we get older, psychological articles inform us that our drive for exercise greatly diminishes and according to the research in these psychological articles, most of us do not get the recommended amount of exercise per week. The body of psychological articles conclude that having a dog will definitely solve that problem! They frequently want to go on walks and as the preponderance of psychological articles comment, when we are feeling down, there is nothing like the wagging tail and unconditional love that our dogs can bring us in terms of cheering us up. If you are not physically able to be that active, then psychological articles recommend that you carefully choose which breed of dog you get. These psychological articles have found that it will be better for the less active baby boomers to find smaller dogs that will be easier to keep up with. However, if you are still mobile and fit, then the majority of researchers of psychological articles declare that having a dog will provide you with a great workout!

Happiness Is…

As noted in psychological articles, dogs, and pets in general, bring happiness to all those who truly care about them. How do you think they got the title of “Man’s Best Friend”?! Psychological articles have found that they stick with you through the good and the bad times. Psychological articles have noted that sometimes, it may seem as though they are the only ones you can count on; and almost all reviewed psychological articles have found that the baby boomers can very easily get attached and build a life long bond to their dogs and other pets. Pets make you laugh, mad, and, sometimes even, cry but according to the statistical analysis in psychological articles, it’s all worth it at the end of the day.


Psychological articles have also illuminated the fact that having a dog as your pet can also be a great way of protecting your home and yourself. In psychological articles, dogs have been recognized as being able to save the lives of their owner’s in house fires or even personal attacks. Psychological articles further recommend, that if possible, you may want to consider getting your dog trained to become even keener about certain things and, therefore, a more effective guard dog. You must, according to psychological articles, of course, consider the breed of dog you are looking for and whether or not they are capable of being effective in that area. But never underestimate the little ones, as psychological articles have found they can be really feisty!

So if you feel that you just do not know what to do now that you are all alone, follow the advise given in psychological articles and stop by your local pound and inquire about a dog. Not only will you find happiness and joy, but you will also give a deserving pet a good home.

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A Baby Boomer’s Best Friend

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

How A Pet Can Help You Through The Lonely Days



Through any stage of life, pets can serve as a best friend or even help replace a child. Many find comfort and joy in taking care of and being around pets, whether it’s a dog, a cat, or a hamster. For the lonely Baby Boomer, pets can become an even greater source of companionship and comfort. If you have never thought of getting a pet or had your doubts, consider these advantages and disadvantages.

The Good

Having a pet can be very fulfilling. They make very good companions.
They give you something to care for and about.
They are a wonderful way to forge new friendships with owners of the same or similar pets.
Some pets can also serve as protection for your home. If you live alone, having a good watch dog would be a great investment.
Pets like dogs are a good way to get some exercise while you take them for a walk.
The Bad

Consider the state of your health before owning a pet. Be sure that you are not allergic to certain types of pets. Some Boomers may find that the grooming and upkeep for a certain kind of pet is more than they can handle at their age. Do not put your health at risk! It is, also, important to try to think ahead about how your relationship with your pet may be affected in the future.
Some pets can be expensive to keep so be sure to know the general costs for its food, bath, etc.
The Final Decision

When you’re thinking of owning a pet it is important to know as many details about how much they eat, how big they will grow, how long they live and the costs associated with their care. The type of pet a person has depends on their personal taste and also health factors. Some like dogs and others, cats; some like hamsters and others, birds. It really depends on what type of animal you think you are capable of loving and caring for. No matter what type of animal you choose, make sure you are able to bond with your pet. Pets have personalities too, and sometimes owners are not able to bond with the pet they choose.

If you find that your relationship with your pet is not working out, do not be afraid to return the pet (if you can) or find someone else who may be looking for a pet to own. Make sure you explain why you are selling or giving up your pet to the prospective buyer. Do not settle for what you “kind of” want, but aim to be fully satisfied with your decision. It could change your whole life.

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