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Staying Safe In A Dangerous World

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Tips to Keep You Safe

Tips to Keep You Safe


This world is not as safe as we once thought it was. Every day on the news we see thievery, murder, and deceit. As baby boomers, you are prime targets for con artists, thieves, and others out to harm you. You are even more at risk if you live alone, so it is very important for you to know ways to protect yourself and other important areas of your life such as your finances, your home, and your identity.

Safety In The Home

Keeping you and your home safe is a huge priority. It is important to be aware of the dangers lurking outside your door and be able to detect those that are trying to invade your territory. Here are some key ways to help you stay safe.

Think before giving out any personal information – Do not give out any personal information over the phone, through the mail or to anyone trying to sell you something. Do your research and make sure you confirm their affiliation is legitimate before agreeing to do any kind of business. Also shred any documents with your social security number, bank account numbers, or checks before throwing them in the trash.
Make sure you know everyone who has access to your home – This includes repairmen, housekeepers, and anyone else who is supposed to be there. Do not give a key to anyone but family members.
Get an alarm system – Alarm systems are a great source of security. If anyone does attempt to break in it will alert the authorities and also call you to make sure you are alright. Lock all windows and doors when you are leaving the house and when you are going to bed, whether at night or during the day.

Staying Safe Outside of the Home

It is not necessary to stay locked in your home in fear of something happening to you. There are ways to stay safe when you do decide to go out.

Be aware of your surroundings – If you see any suspicious activity or just get a vibe that something is wrong do not ignore it. Get as far as you can as fast as you can to a safe place.
Keep your purse or wallet close to your body - Do not leave purses or other belongings out in plain sight. Keep them hidden as much as possible or keep them very close. If someone does attempt to attack you yell “Fire” as loud as you can. If you are not able to yell make sure you have a whistle or a horn in reach that you can use to draw attention.
Travel in pairs or more – It is wise to travel with a friend or two when going out, whether it is to the market or to dinner. You will have the company plus it would be harder for someone to attack a group of people. Make sure at least one person has a phone in case of emergencies.
Staying safe is a number one priority on the minds of everyone, young and old. Make sure you know how to remain safe and help to equip others with the tools they need to do the same.

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Boomer’s final frontier: Mastering the mind

Sunday, January 11th, 2009



We, the baby boom generation, will be heading towards retirement in the coming years and therefore there is a need for us to have the right mindset and attitude to tackle the various kinds of challenges lurking in the horizon. All the best advice in the world will not help if we are lacking the positive and empowering personal resources to convert that advice into results.

Times may get worse, or may be not – the point here is to focus on our goals and what we want rather than focusing on what we don’t want. To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, “we must learn to focus on where we want to go, not on what we fear”. Our minds and its ability to focus is like a camera which can zoom in and capture beauty amidst ugliness and ugliness amidst beauty – the choice is entirely ours. As Boomers who are heading towards retirement will soon find that this new phase in life will close many old chapters and open up many new ones. We may no longer be able to feel the sense of power and authority that comes with being in positions of power but that also means that there will be plenty of time for family, hobbies and things that we always wanted to do but could never find the time for - once again our ability to focus on the proverbial “silver lining” will consequently determine our attitudes, thoughts, words and actions. Some Boomers will opt to open up a small or medium sized business, some will decide to invest their savings, and some boomers will just put their money in a fixed deposit and cherish the time with their families. All of these options are the “right choice” for as long as it is what you “really” want for yourself. But no matter what you choose to do with your retirement, the ability to “focus” correctly will define the extent of your success.

It is very important for Boomers to understand that our minds are our greatest resource. Focusing on thoughts of dis-empowerment and negativity will lead to similar thoughts, words and actions. Focusing on healthy thoughts will cause a diametric and natural shift in how we feel, how we see the world, how we interact with those around us and how we carry out our responsibilities to our families and money matters. We get more and more of what we focus on and whatever we don’t choose to focus on simply withers away and dies. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we should totally ignore the abnormalities in our life. It simply means that we don’t allow the challenges in our life to sweep over what’s really important. We work towards constant betterment without succumbing to our life’s negative elements. It’s pretty much like learning to ride a bike – the more you fear hitting the pole, the higher the chances are that you will eventually hit the pole – because that’s where the focus is and that’s where you will end up – the pole. To quote William Arthur Ward, “It is wise to direct your anger towards problems — not people; to focus your energies on answers — not excuses”.

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