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Dove Campaign Showing 50 + Women Goes off Air

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Ageism as a possible type of discrimination in ending "Dove's 50 +" Women's advertising


We are all consumers. Whether we want to it admit it or not we are perpetuating, in one way or another, the monster industries out there. Once in a while though there comes along a company, or an advertisement campaign, or a certain angle that a company will take that you admire. Dove’s recent pro-age campaign is admirable. While it has come under a lot of criticism for objectifying women, even though they’re above 50, you have to admit that the campaign was such a breather from everything else out there. Of course the motive behind companies is to make a profit. Dove’s pro-age campaign for women above 50 cites many reasons for their drive for “real beauty”, all of which you can see on their website. Their advertisements have been banned in the U.S. for- hold your breath- showing too much skin. Women are shown au natural in strategic poses showing off their ‘normalcy’.

In 2006, Dove started the “Dove Self Esteem Fund” whose purpose was to be an “agent of change” to help expand the definition of beauty. Dove’s drive to manufacture “pro-age” products as an answer to the growing array of anti-aging ranges out there was a master stroke. Yes, they do all want the same thing, i.e. to have you buy the product. But the small degree of reality that Dove brought to its commercials was a breather. Yes, you can argue that Unilever, Dove’s parent company, produces a wide selection of products that actually go against Dove’s purported aims of trying to promote natural beauty. While that may be true, what Boomer Yearbook wants to talk about in this psychological article the advertisement and why it was taken off air?

The commercial (which can be seen anywhere on the internet, including Dove’s

Feminists argue that the use of female nudity is a type of discrimination and shouldn’t be allowed to sell any product, no matter what the motives behind the product are. As psychological articles have said over and over, sex sells advertising, it’s all a game and the game is to make money. We at Boomer Yearbook gave Dove credit for coming up with a wonderful demonstration of real baby boomer women. As far as ads go, the baby boomer women we asked thought it was a great ad; and we think pulling it off the air was done as an ageist type of discrimination against showing non air brushed, non young, but very real and appealing baby boomer women. If boards know what is best for women and children then the first ads to go should be the countless others out there blatantly objectifying women and not Dove’s elegant classy advertisements.

We at Boomer Yearbook are hurt and offended that Dove has pulled these ads. We’d love to hear what you think.

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Ellen DeGeneres Makes Boomer Women Proud

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

(graphic from


Good news for the boomer women; Ellen DeGeneres is the new face of Cover Girl. Rumors had started to circle way before the successful comedian announced officially in September on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that she’d be “the new face of Cover Girl.” She’s already started shooting commercials for them and says that the experience is a “very cool thing.”

The talented Ellen has won eleven Emmy awards throughout her career as a stand up comedian and talk show host. She hosted the 79th Academy Awards and of course, who can forget her as Dory in the cute Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo. She has indeed come a long way from winning the title of the funniest person in America in an HBO sponsored event in 1980. Her success story gives courage to the boomer women reminding us of who we are and how far we have come.

She started working with Cover Girl Cosmetics in September and her advertisements started running in January of this year. The reason why Ellen working in a beauty campaign is surprising is not because she’s not good looking, it’s just that she has very unconventional looks; and is a proud openly gay, untraditional woman. Ellen has been dating girlfriend Portia De Rossi since 2004. The couple married in 2008 when the ban on same-sex marriage in California was overturned. The woman is anything but conformist. She doesn’t dress girly and she doesn’t wear a lot of girly makeup. But her advertisements for Cover Girl are amazing and Ellen looks glam. Way to go for the boomer women!

Cover Girl has signed a contract with Ellen under which this proud boomer women will be marketing the new Cover Girl Simply Ageless foundation. The timing for the deal couldn’t be better because Ellen, while far from old, turned 51 in January of this year as did many of the boomer women. She represents the segment of women in society who want to still have fun and look good even though their age in numbers might try to indicate otherwise. Cover Girl’s pick for their new line shows the changing attitude of our country. Who ever thought that a woman who is a comedian by profession and isn’t sexually straight would ever be chosen to represent makeup for a fashionable hot brand? Call me narrow-minded, but we sure never thought something like this would happen. It has though, and we’re all the better for it. Ellen has immense appeal, as shown by the smashing success she’s had with the American Express ads and the wide viewing of her show.

Ellen will, of course, be showing clips from her photo shoots with Cover Girl on her show. The move to put someone as diverse as Ellen on the face of a campaign is a clever stroke of genius on the part of Cover Girl. It’ll send the competition scrambling to find something or someone different. But there’s no one like Ellen and she is as original as it gets. Ellen has that open “every person” easiness to her while still being different from the crowd. Cover Girl will also be able to capture the market for the boomer women thanks to this smart move.

We at Boomer Yearbook say kudos to Cover Girl for choosing Ellen.

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Marketing for Baby Boomer Women

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Dove Pro Age

Dove Pro Age


Many aging boomers, especially the baby boomer women, have been noted as saying that they feel as if they are slowly becoming invisible and fading into life’s background. That is a huge economic mistake as baby boomer women should not be ignored! We are too huge a force and part of the baby boomers generation fueled by mammoth spending power. You’d think advertisers would take note of us, but since our culture stresses the young and beautiful, a significant portion of advertisers, (with some notable astute exceptions), ignore the massive economic power of the baby boomer women. Watch any commercial on television and you’ll hardly ever see a boomer woman, or something made for the boomer woman. Thankfully, Dove and their pro-age campaign (i.e., one of the astute advertising notable exceptions), has came forth and developed an ad campaign that lets baby boomer women know it’s perfectly great to be ourselves, and not pretend or try to become our ‘younger’ versions.

Psychological articles have reported that Dove seems to leading the way as one of the first companies to strive to effectively communicate with older women, and lately, other advertisers and marketers have listened and are beginning to follow the economic signs.

Until very recently, baby boomer women, and even women 40+, were never really recognized in consumer circles. However, with Dove in the vanguard, now companies are changing their demographic focus. Women will soon control two thirds of consumer wealth in the United States. Furthermore, baby boomer women are aging, and in the next few years, there will be a 30% increase in the number of people over 60.

Specialized focused marketing groups have been sprouting up to meet the demands of boomer women; mature females with sophisticated needs and tastes who are seeking to make the most of their considerable purchasing power. While marketing to the baby boomer women may be new terrain for some, many companies are stepping up to the demand, learning through trial and error what will please this discriminating group of boomers, and propelled onward by the promise of huge financial rewards. Companies like Dove seem to be big winners, while some other marketers may miss the boat and try to re-use and slightly update old strategies. strong>Baby boomer women will be spending more on consumer goods and services than echo boomers or any of their younger cohorts. Currently at the peak of our earning potential, many boomer women plan on working through retirement years, meaning that baby boomer women will have even greater purchasing power. Additionally, since women statistically outlive men, many baby boomer women will be experience additional financial resources by way of inheritance and pensions, and returns on long term investments.

While the industry may just be waking up to us baby boomer women, I want to stress that I don’t want them to change us, or try to make us conform to ‘young’ norms. We, the under-represented, and yet enormously powerful consumers, will demand tailor perfect baby boomer women products. That’s the opinion of Boomer Yearbook. Come tell us yours. is a free social networking site connecting the baby boomers generation. Whether you are a member of the baby boomers generation or are related to someone who is, you will find plenty to do here. Free psychological articles on a vast variety of topics such as dream analysis, coaching and self-help, elderly problems, examinations and proposed solutions for types of discrimination along with weekly updates on mental and medical health. You can also become a non-member subscriber to our free newsletter to receive these articles directly in your inbox so you don’t miss out.

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What Is Government? Who Pays For It? How Can We Make It Work For Us?

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Types of Discrimination

Types of Discrimination

By Joseph. J. Kusnell

published in

Types of Discrimination

I guess it’s time we asked ourselves a few questions. Everyone wants something from the federal government whether it be subsidies for agriculture, oil exploration, green fuels, the aged, the poor, the sick. Plus we need services like a military, like national roads, like national parks. And then we need a working government with employees and elected representatives and even, yes even a President who needs a paycheck. So where does the money come from to pay all these bills? Where does the government get the trillions of dollars that it needs to function?

Well, for starters, half of all Americans don’t pay any federal income taxes. None at all. Yes they pay FICA tax but that’s for the continuation of social security (which itself needs more money). We don’t count FICA withdrawals because that money has a specific purpose and is not SUPPOSED to go into the general fund.

So half of all Americans pay no taxes. That means the other half - along with businesses pay all the taxes and I am sure you all think that’s just fine. BUT - and there’s always a but - BUT if those businesses don’t make money, they go out of business and you have no place to work and so then what do you do?

It’s easy to say take the money from the wealthy, which is what Democrats always pretend they are going to do. That’s to fool the silly sap sucker sitting safely on his sofa. (I like that alliteration.)

But sadly, there aren’t enough wealthy to carry the load and besides they are the ones that create the jobs we all need to survive. And any of you who think the government can do that is kidding himself. Mostly when government sticks its hands into something, they screw it up. Why? Too many hands in government spoil the soup, as they say. The Federal government is just too big, too unwieldy, too wrapped in red tape to be efficient at anything it does. Plus there aren’t that many truly smart people in the world and most of them aren’t in Washington, D.C.

So we tax the rich and we tax them pretty good. Maybe we even adopt a ‘confiscatory income tax’ like we had back in the sixties and seventies. Back then, the top rate for income tax was 70% and before that 60%. Now I think it is 38%. So we can raise it. What that does is basically say you can only make so much money. After that, the government is taking most of it.

Now what’s important is the cutoff bar. How much is too much? Well, for sake of argument let’s say 50 million is the cutoff. That means once you make 50 million in a single year, anything over that amount gets taxed at the top rate, whatever it is. Let’s say it’s 70%.

So it would look like this:

Amount Earned Tax Amount Kept

50 M 38% 62% 31 MILLION

60 M 43% 57% 34 MILLION

80 M 50% 50% 40 MILLION

100 M 54% 46% 46 MILLION

200 M 62% 38% 76 MILLION

Now wealthy people will say “why should I earn more if the government is going to take it all?”

But that’s not what’s happening. What is happening is you are getting to keep 76 million dollars A YEAR for yourself and the rest is going back to help the country that is making it possible for you to earn all that money in the first place. The first fifty million is taxed at the normal rate (38%). Income over and above 50 million is taxed at the “confiscatory” rate of 70% but you are still getting to keep 30%of that extra money. So if you earn 500 million in a year (and who is worth that much money), you pay 38% on the first fifty million, and 70% on the remaining 450 million so you get to keep 76 million dollars every year, live with it.

The whole idea behind this confiscatory tax is to convince the people at the very top to use some of their profits to help their businesses. Why take it home if Uncle Sam is waiting there to take if from you. This should encourage a different approach to money on the part of the people that control it.

Okay, so we do that. Is that enough? No, it’s not. Taxing individuals is one thing, but corporations are another. Individuals only need so much money but corporations need all they can get so they can re-invest their money in their business and grow which means more employment. So we need special tax laws relating to corporations which let’s them re-invest profits without taxation as long as the re-investment is in America. We need to do this and we also need to encourage greater participation for labor in the future of the corporations for whom they work. Profit sharing is one way to do that.

Okay, so now we understand. Most working Americans don’t carry the tax load. It is not their tax money that supports our government, it’s is the money from the top earners that does that. Therefore, we don’t want our government to become the enemy of our top people. That would be plainly stupid and self-defeating. We want our government and our top earners to be partners. Partners but within a fair system that works for everyone.

The world belongs to everyone and everyone has the right to at least be sheltered and have food on the table. We only live one life and it shouldn’t be lived in misery if we can avoid it. Notwithstanding that, some of us will walk, some will drive cheap cars and some will drive luxury cars and that’s all fine. But the guy with the luxury car doesn’t need six of them. Nor does he need six houses, or six airplanes. He has no use for that many and if I am President, he isn’t going to have them.

Corporations are the lifeblood of our free Capitalistic society. I happen to think it is the best economic system in the world, far better than Socialism. But it still has to be monitored.

First, let’s talk about taxes. I want taxes on corporations to be cut in accordance with the number of American jobs they create as a part of their worldwide employment. That’s important. Tax rates will be set in accordance with how many Americans you employ as a percentage of your world wide employment. And if most of your money is being earned outside the country or by use of cheap foreign labor, you are going to pay at the top of the tax ladder. But if your money is earned in America or by products build in America and with American labor, then you are going to get a huge tax break to help you pay for that American labor. We all know American labor is more expensive than foreign labor so we are going to help YOU afford US.

But that’s for corporations. Small businesses, or mom-and-pop stores, are different. They may be taxed as individuals; hence, they would be subject to the ordinary tax rates and that includes the confiscatory provisions. We may not want that since we want them too, to expand their businesses and grow.

Therefore, I would delay taxation on profits of a small business (unincorporated) for eighteen months to allow an active owner/operator (active participation in the business) to find ways to re-invest this money tax free in this or another business. As long as the profit is reinvested in any business in America, that money would be tax-free.

I would also tighten up the tax laws as they relate to business expenses to wit: personal expense accounts over a certain amount would be considered income. I would not allow companies or corporations to use their taxable profits to buy luxuries, which are then placed at the disposal of executives. The use of these luxuries would be considered income. I would then place limits on the amount of money that can be used and deducted for things like naming ball parks, buying season boxes to ballparks or other expenditures of this type. If the corporation executives want to do that, let them do it with their own money, not the government’s.

And still, these moves won’t solve the problem. Because at the heart of the problem is excessive government spending. Congress is filled with jackasses that can’t see beyond their nose. They wouldn’t recognize a calamity if it came up and bit them in the butt. They are so confused they really don’t know that “pork” is supposed to be something you eat, not something you steal from taxpayers.

Now before we get too uppity about “pork-barrel legislation”, we need to understand not everything that is labeled “pork” really is “pork”. Some things congressmen and congresswomen slip into their bills are really good ideas. I remember someone brought up a heated tunnel in Alaska which ran from one part of a town to another. Democrats pointed that out as an example of Republican “pork”. Nice try, guys.

Alaska is bitterly cold. In cities like New York and Chicago and Philadelphia and Washington D.C., where it also gets pretty cold, there are a lot of underground walkways and shops and all manner of things built to escape the cold weather above. Alaska is that, and more. It is utterly, bitterly cold so much that a heated shopper’s tunnel might be absolutely necessary for economic survival. Heck, they have them in Canada. So would this properly be called “pork”? I don’t think so.

But there are a lot of social programs that are favorites of one group or another and they find their way into otherwise serious legislation and that has to stop. At the very least, they should be brought up separately and included in a general “pork” bill so everyone can see them and take a look at them and then judge them on their merits. Things look better in the light of day so let’s shine a bright light on all of this type legislation and then live with the result.

Subsidies are another area that has to be looked at very carefully and non-politically. Government must find ways to reduce its costs. It must find ways to cut its spending. Not by a little, by a lot. Subsidies are a good place to start.

To begin with, let’s take a look at one of our biggest “sacred cows”, military spending. What happens when you attempt to cut military spending is this, the Pentagon immediately cuts some thing vital so they can say, ’see, we told you so’. They never cut the perks.

That’s because the Pentagon and its Military/Industrial Complex are living high on the hog and they will stop at NOTHING - not even murder - to protect all that money. And I am not exaggerating. We are talking about billions of dollars here and I don’t have to remind you of the number of people murdered for much, much less than a billion dollars.

I would levy the same exact charge at the Pharmaceutical Industry or NASA. They all involve billions of dollars and they aren’t giving that money up without a fight. Both are high on the government’s list of abusers.

Dwight David Eisenhower was a military man. He was Commander of the Army during WW II. He then became our President and served two terms in office. President Eisenhower was very much loved and respected by most Americans.

When President Eisenhower left office, he made a speech. It was one of the most important speeches ever given by an exiting president and it got publicity But not too much publicity and not for too long because certain powerful interests didn’t want it to be heard.

Ike, as he was called, warned the American people of what he called “the Military/Industrial Complex”, an unholy alliance that exists between the users of military equipment and the manufacturers of military equipment. Both of whom benefit richly from taxpayer dollars. “Ike” warned us to be wary of the connection between the two and his warning was honest and accurate. Money is power and a lot of money is a lot of power and the military gets a lot of money to spend. We need to look deeply and carefully into where that money is being spent, on what, and by whom. And then, is it really necessary. It would be my guess that a lot of that money is going down the drain.

Another governmental agency which has become fat, dumb, and happy is NASA. Yes, that’s right, NASA. NASA has become a self-fulfilling prophecy which is playing the greatest video game in the world - space exploration – at taxpayer expense. (See “Space Exploration - A Journey To Nowhere” on this site.)

NASA too should be looked at carefully. There may be a need to expand our knowledge into outer space but there is too much money being spent on projects like manned space travel that very likely, will never happen. My recommendation would be to continue exploring our solar system with unmanned robots, not with people, and I would also limit our explorations into deep space until there is actual scientific evidence to prove we will one day have the capability of exceeding light speed which is necessary for us to get there. Because if we can’t, and right now we certainly can’t, than any money spent on deep space is a waste when there is so much to do here on Earth to save our people and our planet.

Everyone in Washington has an agenda and usually that agenda has to do with money and usually it means money coming TO them FROM us rather than from them TO us. That includes NASA.

Don’t believe everything you hear. Always use this test to evaluate: if what you hear has as its desired result, YOU giving THEM money, be very cautious. If the desired result is them giving you money, run like hell. You are being scammed. Which you do think is more likely to occur?

So, government needs to cut back and not cut back vital services. Government needs to cut back perks, and waste, and graft and political paybacks. That’s what has to be cut back. Find the waste, find the excesses, find the graft and cut that. Find duplications of services and over-staffed departments and cut them. Find all those cozy little perks like the best medical health insurance in the world at taxpayer expense. That’s where to cut spending.

None of this is easy. Old habits are hard to break. Old bureaucrats are hard to dispossess. But it can be done if government puts its mind to it. Of course we are asking the fox to put up safeguards against foxes, so that might not work too well. Maybe what we need is an outside, independent agency to house clean our government. Don’t hold your breath.

Finally, there is this: politics. Right now, the average congressman or congresswoman (it doesn’t make any difference which), and the average Senator spend half of all his or her time raising money for their next election. Now think about that. You have a job and every day you take off at noon for the rest of the day, in order to look for a better job. Think you would get away with it? Me neither.

But that’s what they do. Our elected representatives, while being paid to do their job spend four hours a day, half of their time, raising money for their next political campaign. (See “Your Government Is For Sale To The Highest Bidder” on this site.)

They do it in a lot of different ways, but they do it. If they didn’t, where do you think they would get all that money they need to win re-election to those cushy jobs ”serving the public”?

Then, when they DO get the money, they OWE big time. The more they raise, the more (favors) they owe. It’s called ACCESS. The guy with the deepest pockets buys ACCESS to your congressman or congresswoman. YOU of course don’t have ACCESS because you don’t have lots of money. So, who then do you think your elected representative will listen to, you or him?

But it’s not their fault, it a systemic problem. We need to find another way to elect our representatives. So, let’s look at taxpayer funded national elections with lots of controls. And by the way, you can’t just have integrity and honesty for the other guy. YOUR guy has to have it too. It’s not all right to cheat and steal elections when your guy does it, but not when the other guy does it, it’s either okay or it isn’t. If you want honesty, if you want integrity, it starts with you.

JFK stole the presidential election with those 7:00 AM boxes of Democratic votes found in Chicago. That was a joke. People talk about Bush’s election in Florida but I have never seen any independent confirmation of anything illegal that was done there but if there was, then we condemn that too. We either have it or we don’t.

We need honest government. We also need open and honest elections. Do we have them? I doubt it. So what do we do? Well, a start would be to get the money out of the process. Obama just won the presidential election by spending more than half a billion dollars. Half a BILLION dollars on one election. And if you think that money came to him legally and from ordinary working people, I have a bridge to sell you in Alaska. Obama’s base consisted of college kids, working poor, and African Americans. They were a big part of it. Last I looked, these people weren’t loaded with cash. No, Obama’s money came, like Bill Clintons before him, from illegal sources, to wit: well funded groups, rich individuals, and foreign sources.

Politicians take the money no matter where it comes from – unless they get caught then they give it back. If we want honesty in government, we have to want it from both sides and all the time. Not just for the other guy and not just when we lose.

I believe we start fixing our government by getting the special-interest money out of the process, whether from groups or from individuals. Let the taxpayer pay for it and control who gets how much and how much they can spend and force everyone else out of the process. And that means everyone. No outside money and limited political messaging by anyone on behalf of any candidate. I would ban all such advertising the last 30 days of any national campaign. From that day on , let the candidates speak for the candidate. If politicians don’t have to kiss ass to get the money they need to get re-elected, maybe then they will be able to do the job for which they were elected. It’s not that complicated.

America is hurting and so is the world. But most of this crisis STARTED with democratic politicians putting themselves into a process about which they knew nothing – financing mortgages.

Bill Clinton with the rewriting of the CRA, ACORN with its dirty money, Senators Dodd and Schummer and Representative Barney Frank, all Democrats, along with Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson conspired to give “no-doc” mortgages to minorities that could never hope to replay them. (A “no-doc” loan means no down payments, no credit checks and no employment history check.) When the economy slowed up, when housing prices fell just a little, these millions of “social” mortgages began to fail and since they were the mortgages used to back “mortgage backed securities”, the investment community around the world which had purchased these securities, also began to fail. .

And why did this happen? Because Fannie Mae stood behind these minority sub-prime mortgages without ever telling investors that they had changed the mortgage guidelines making it easier for unqualified people to get mortgages. They never told the investors this and so the investors bought these loans and went down with them. All because of these minority “no docs”. Was greed involved? Certainly, greed is always involved. But the finger points directly at the cause and the people at the center are the people I named. They should all be investigated but they won’t be because they are Democrats in a Democratic Administration that owes its election to them. As I said, if you want honesty and integrity in government, it has to be for both sides, all the time. Where is the outcry over this fiasco? I don’t hear it.

The economies around the world are hurting. Imagine all this because of the uncontrolled actions of just a few Democratic politicians coupled with greed.

How sad is that.


The Baby Boomers Defined

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Baby Boomers Defined

Baby Boomers Defined


Baby Boomers Defined are those individuals who were born after the Second World War and prior to the Vietnam War (1946-1964) - a time when economic prosperity was at its highest. Prior to the boom in birth rates, for both financial and logistical reasons, many couples delayed marrying, and many married couples held off on having babies during the years of the great depression and World War II. Along with the end of the war and accompanying economic surge, there was a sudden, previously unheard of boost in the birth rate; defined baby boomers. The war was over, husbands and lovers returned from battle, economic growth provided people the opportunity to attend college and obtain higher paying jobs, maintain a higher standard of living and support more children.

There are plenty of classifications for the term “baby boomer defined” and none of the definitions are entirely incorrect. Some authors and experts on the subject choose to define baby boomers on the basis of their characteristics, but a greater majority of the experts rightly classify them according to the years during which they were born. Thus it is generally accepted that “Baby Boomers Defined” are those born in the period between 1945 and 1957, and “Shadow Boomers” or “Echo Boomers” are those born between the years 1958 and 1984.

The baby boomer defined generation was also responsible for the rapid growth in the infrastructure of the country. Because of the sudden boost in the population, many defined baby boomers had to move out of the cities and into the suburbs which prompted the rapid construction of shopping malls, hospitals, schools and houses etc. Unlike any previous generation, the baby boomer defined generation had great influence on society and because of their greater majority they were able to boldly defy the rigid norms and customs of their parents and grandparents. This defiance and rebellion was mirrored in their opinions, behavior, preferences to music, fashion and political activism. The rift between the baby boomer defined generation and the previous generation was undoubtedly huge and this gap was elegantly mirrored in the 70’s catchphrase, “don’t trust anyone above 30”.

The baby boomer defined generation fearlessly grew their hair long, listened to rock music, took lots of drugs and never shied away from non-marital sex. This freedom of spirit was mainly because of the fact that the baby boomer defined generation lived in a time of economic prosperity and thus they had fewer economic worries. Back then there were ongoing cultural wars between children and their parents, each accusing the other for moral indiscipline and being untrue to oneself.

The baby boomer defined generation today is up against the wall as the American and global economy is in downward spiral. The life of the defined baby boomers has been one that triggered many social and economic changes and the financial situation faced today is another chance for the defined baby boomers to reinvent themselves and come out victorious. History is witness to the fact that the baby boomers defined have the knack, experience, passion and mindset to pull off greatness – Can they do it again? That’s a question only the defined baby boomers can answer.

If you have an opinion, a story, an idea or a fresh viewpoint on us defined baby boomers then join our group by visiting is a social networking site connecting the Defined Baby Boomer generation. Share your thoughts, rediscover old friends, or expand your mind with brain games provided by clinical psychologist Dr. Karen Turner. Join today to discover the many ways we are helping Defined Baby Boomers connect for fun and profit.

Being Able To Balance Old and New Friendships

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Friends: Discovering the new and staying connected to the old

Friends: Discovering the new and staying connected to the old


As Baby Boomers retire and decide to move to other cities they come to the realization that they will be leaving friends and family behind. For some, that alone can be a deterrent. They fear that they will not be able to live the same happy lives filled with the loved ones they are close to. But moving does not have to be the end of those relationships and finding new friends is not as hard as it may seem. There are a number of things Boomers can do to ensure that you won’t be faced with the prospect of being lonely in your new hometown or becoming disconnected from your old friends.

Staying Connected

Moving away from the friends and family that are dear to you can cause anyone to have second thoughts. They may feel that the relationship will not be the same. The internet is one of the greatest ways to continue the friendships with those you’ve left behind. You can e-mail back and forth and send pictures and video. Technologically hip Baby Boomers can even see them on their webcams. If you are not computer savvy, then talking on the phone and writing letters are just as effective. It would also be great to take trips back to visit them and/or invite them to visit your new home. Staying in contact with friends and family can help you settle into your new life without feeling lonely and/or alone.

Making New Friends

For some making new friends can be as hard as moving away from the old ones. You may feel so strange and vulnerable, unsure of where to go and who to associate with. It does not have to be like that. Making new friends is a great way to settle in and find out more about your new town. A great way to start is by introducing yourself to your neighbors and getting to know who lives around you. They can introduce you to other people and places where you can meet other people. Use the local news paper as a resource to find different events that you may be interested in attending. You can even meet people in the supermarket. Just be open and inviting and finding friends will be a breeze.

No Worries

So if and when you do decide to move, remember there is no need to panic. The rest of your days should be filled with less stress and worry. It is not the end of the world if you do not know anyone at first. Remember to not forget those you’ve left behind and if you are willing to explore, you will find that in no time you will be right at home in your new town.

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How Unique Dreams & Their Symbolism can be..

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Snake Dreams

Snake Dreams

By Courtenay Turner for

As a dream analyst I often encounter people who ask me to provide
answers to what specific things in their dreams mean. They want me to
respond much like a human dictionary. For instance they will say
“what does it mean when I see a snake in my dream?” They then look to
me hoping I will say “it means you will have money fall into your
hands soon, or that you cannot trust your loved one” etc.
Unfortunately I don’t believe it is this simple at all. Perhaps this
is fortunate because it provides much more specific insight when we
really delve into what these symbols mean to us as individuals.

The reason I cannot provide a universal response to what snakes, or
lightning, or falling or anything else means is because we all come
from such diverse backgrounds and life experiences that mold our views
on the things we may see in our dreams. Let’s take the snake example.
Personally I am terrified of snakes, but I have friends who think they
are beautiful, powerful, have them as pets etc. When I dream of a
snake it will mean something very different for me then when they
dream of a snake.

You may be wondering if there is no universal dream dictionary how on
earth do I decipher the meaning of my dreams. I encourage you to
firstly write down your dreams. This will help you to remember them
more clearly, and to use them as a tool for self discovery. When you
are analyzing various symbols or situations in your dreams, ask
yourself how you would describe the symbol both in the dream and in
life and examine where in your life you see such a description. Here
is an example: again back to snakes. I would describe snakes as
terrifying, toxic, and powerful. Then I would ask myself what in my
life or what part of myself do I think is like a snake which I
described as being “terrifying, toxic and powerful”.

The beautiful thing about dreams being such a unique metaphor for all
of us is that the symbolism and meanings may vary not only from person
to person but even at different times in our lives. If tomorrow I
have a positive experience with a snake and tomorrow night I dream about a
snake, it may have a new meaning than it would have for me tonight. I
look forward to all of you unlocking the key to you lives through your
unconscious nightly reveries!

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and check out my Forum

Courtz Dream Web: The Place to Untangle the Meaning of Your Dreams

Courtz Dream Web: The Place to Untangle the Meaning of Your Dreams

Boomers, You Might Soon Be Able To Get Rid Of Your Bad Memories

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

How many times do you wish you could forget that horrible memory that just keeps haunting your dreams? We all have those moments in our lives that we try very hard to forget. Well, good news!! You might not have to try too hard in the near future.
Eleven neuroscience researchers, ten from the United States and one from the Czech Republic, have identified a particular enzyme that they think may be directly associated with the storage of unpleasant memories. This enzyme is called PKMzeta. In December, 2008, the researchers think it is highly possible that if they injected an inhibitor into the PKMzeta enzyme, it could erase all or most of your bad memories.
Your brain is like a computer except in the way it stores and processes information. While the computer uses a hard disk to store information, a central procession unit (CPU) does all the processing. Your brain, on the other hand, stores and processes information in the same place. It is based on this knowledge that these researchers decided see if there are different cells (neurons) that do different functions.
One of the researchers, Dr. Andre Fenton of SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York City, said that PKMzeta was found to store memories that were very highly detailed; however, those that we treasure were not distinguishable from those we would like to put into the trash. Dr. Fenton, also, stated that should this procedure become fully developed, some seriously debilitating negative memories could be targeted and erased to free the person who had the experience. He noted, also, that this procedure could be used to treat depression, stress and addiction among other mental and/or emotional problems.
At this stage of research, it is found that using the inhibitor consistently goes a long way in erasing memories in the neocortex of the brain where the PKMzeta is located. Your long-term memories formerly considered stable and permanent could be gone within a flash. The experiments that were performed revealed that with consistent application of a PKMzeta inhibitor, these memories are quickly erased.
The nature of how your brain works might present some challenges for the researchers in the future as they have to learn how to identify the cells that store unpleasant memories and those that store pleasant memories. There are still tests that need to be done to determine whether the destruction of a human brain cell will have any adverse effects on the person.
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John Kanzius:Inventor of the Cancer Killing Radio Wave Machine

Monday, December 15th, 2008

John Kanzius:Inventor of the Cancer Killing Radio Wave Machine

John Kanzius:Inventor of the Cancer Killing Radio Wave Machine

A Review of John Kanzius’ Thermal Destruction of Cancer Cells by

What is Thermal Destruction of Cancer Cells? John Kanzius says he uses radio waves in a noninvasive way to heat nanoparticles which can kill cancer. John Kanzius is not a doctor. In fact he holds no degrees at all, not even a college bachelor degree. Who is he? He is a man, like so many, diagnosed with cancer.

Five years ago, John was informed that he has b-cell leukemia. John understood and witnessed first hand the devastation the current cancer treatment wrecked on one’s body and spirit; seeing the hopeful smiling faces starting chemo therapy and radiation turn sickly and zombie like as treatment progressed. These difficult, toxic cancer treatment sessions prompted him to invent the use of radio wave frequencies to kill cancer. So, John started working in his garage. Since childhood, John had been fascinated by radio waves. He soon discovered that nanoparticles and other molecules can be heated with radio waves and that cancerous cells are eradicated! In testing he discovered, that cancer cells could be eradicated, without side effects, in an 8 week period of time!

John Kanzius, sans the professional degree, has worked as owner and operator of a radio station and also engineered and managed TV stations. Radio waves were a childhood fascination and a major component of his adult work. Prior to Kanzius’ breakthrough, using radio waves to cure cancer had not been an avenue pursued by ANY mainstream researchers. Contrary, researchers have concentrated their efforts on drugs, surgery and other medical cancer treatment interventions. Now, thanks to Kanzius’ pioneering work, researchers are finding solutions through the science of physics. When John was queried as to what made him think he could invent a cure for cancer?, he responded, “no one else had done it.”

This possible cure gives many people hope but unfortunately, it is quite likely that the inventor himself might succumb to his cancer prior to benefiting from it as a curative cancer treatment. Preparing for such a scenario, John Kanzius has proactively made arrangements for his discovery to be handled by a corporation, and ensured that his hometown in PA could benefit once the FDA gave approval for the Radio Wave Machine’s use in killing cancer. It means a lot to his hometown in Erie county. The machine to cure some of the worst cancers, manufactured and then conducted at their local cancer center, will put the small town of Erie PA on the world’s map. It’s anticipated, that once instituted and approved, that visiting cancer patients will be coming in from all over the world.

Is it a little too early to call it a cure? Maybe? but the medical profession is very hopeful. The FDA has given Kanzius testing phase approval to receive international patients. The county of Erie is excited about the economic growth that will likely be experienced if the treatment is approved. It could mean a 10 billion increase in revenue for the county. A lot of key people and resources are behind Kanzius. Dr. Stephen Curly is a surgical oncologist and does cancer research at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Curly said, “This has the most fascinating potential I’ve seen in anything in my twenty years of cancer research.” Dr. Curly continues to provide fund raising support so the research can continue at it’s miracle accelerated pace.

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Dear Boomer. Is your sex life normal?

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Dear Boomer. Is your sex life normal?

Dear Boomer. Is your sex life normal?


Do you ever find yourself wondering if your sex life is normal? Do you equate frequency with normalcy? Do you compare your sex life with your friends’? If yes don’t worry you are not alone! A lot us sometimes fret needlessly about our sex-lives and sex-drives, thanks to the numerous myths about sex. The following are some of the most common ones;

Myth- Going straight to Sleep after a romantic dinner is not normal.

Fact- It is in fact perfectly normal to want to sleep after a fulfilling meal. Good food can in fact kill your sex-drive and make you sleepy. It’s actually better to have sex before you set out for a romantic meal!

Myth- It’s not normal if you (women) don’t have an orgasm during intercourse.

Fact- What’s more important than an orgasm is how much pleasure you give each other? You may have enjoyed the fore-play but may still not have an orgasm, don’t worry, its normal! In fact according to some recent research studies most women don’t have an orgasm during intercourse, but it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy it!

Myth- Men always want sex.

Fact- Completely untrue! Just like women men may not always be in the mood to have sex. In fact this myth is responsible for men’s performance anxiety and sometimes erection trouble as well. It’s because men believe that it’s normal to always want sex and they worry about their being normal, when they don’t want sex!

Myth- It’s not normal to be interested in sex after a certain age.

Fact- False again! It’s biologically and psychologically normal to be interested in sex till the end of your life!

Myth: It’s normal for women to lose their sex-drive after menopause.

Fact- The truth is far from it! Many women actually enjoy sex more after menopause since they no longer have to worry about getting pregnant. Also thanks to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) many women aren’t plagued with the low sex drive and vaginal dryness often associated with menopause.

Myth- You must have sex at least 3 times a week.

Fact- As long as you are both satisfied with the frequency, even if you have sex once in two weeks, it’s normal! Don’t put too much stress on quantity as long as you are both happy with your sex life. If you are not then you will have to talk it out with your partner and figure out the reason for his/her lack of interest.

Finally, good sex is what makes you and your partner happy, everything else is a myth!

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