Boomer Yearbook, a Turner family creation, is based on the vision that Baby Boomers want to connect and reconnect, but in our own way and on our own terms. Boomer Yearbook is the social network designed by and for Baby Boomers, the largest, most successful and most diverse segment of the population.

We boomers wear many hats. We are leaders, mentors, cutting edge trailblazers, as well as the trusted shepherds and custodians of our families and future generations.

Our commitment is to create and grow this amazing platform and allow us all to come home.

Why not use the best technology to empower ourselves? We speak our own language, have common memories of life, and as a generation we stand for something.

Unite with thousands of our generation on our unique social network. Reenergize your career, fall in love, find old friends, meet new friends, share your experiences, express your opinions, celebrate the past and embrace the future.

It’s absolutely Free, Easy, Mature, and Secure.

Welcome to your Online Home!