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This series of articles from Boomer Yearbook explores the fascinating and varied behavioral patterns that occur through parenting in later life; the pitfalls and advantages of pregnancy, birth and raising a family and coaching solutions available: Boomer Yearbook’s Guide and Coaching Strategy for the baby boomer generation.

Psychological Articles on Elderly Problems

By Boomeryearbook.com

The subject of gay men having children is one that draws definite opinions everywhere – you are either for it or you are not and baby boomers, like everyone else, are divided on the issue.

Psychological articles debate people’s conflicting opinions that gay men, while being free to pursue their sexual preferences to the extent that they can co-habit, socialize freely and get married if they so desire, may not be best able to provide an emotionally and socially healthy environment in which a child can develop normally. The issues pro and against are commonplace discussion yet certain factors seem to be given “extra weight” in those who think that being a gay male couple may affect the likelihood of making successful parents.

Psychological articles contend that cultural influences and geography appear to make a difference in determining whether a child might flourish happily in a gay home environment. Baby boomers who are gay and who reside in New York or San Francisco where the gay community is vast and accepted might raise a child within that community and the arrangement would be welcomed and readily accepted in the school playground.

However in a rural, more insulated community in a traditional part of the US, psychological articles inform us that such acceptance, rightly or wrongly, might not be forthcoming, rendering the child a target for every school bully with an eye for a victim. Therefore, psychological articles warn that the social vulnerabilities of children brought up in alternative family units cannot be dismissed when considering whether gay men make suitable parents. Nonetheless, whether they should or not, many gay male couples are having children and one route is to pursue having children through surrogacy.

Surrogacy can lend ‘cosiness’ to the experience of becoming a parent by proxy that adoption cannot offer. Adoption produces a child as a complete package, actually, and the process of pregnancy and birth is sidestepped altogether as the adoptive parents have no involvement. Surrogacy is a joint effort and the new parents can make all the preparations that accompany the arrival of a new baby, along with the requisite nine month wait for the little bundle to appear. Psychological articles underline that the process ‘normalizes’ the experience for gay couples whose desire for children until a few short years ago seemed an impossible dream.

Psychological articles have confirmed that when given a chance, gay couples, both men and women; make dedicated ‘hands-on’ parents with responsible attitudes toward education, health and social development for their children. Some gay men are ‘heterosexual converts’ whose past life included raising children now living with ex partners and whose paternal credentials are in fact excellent.

In recent years there has been speculation that gay couples produce gay children but in fact there are no real facts from mainstream psychological articles to support this assumption and there is evidence that gay couples can produce well balanced, emotionally healthy children who are heterosexual yet deeply attached to their gay parents.

Gay echo boomers considering having children through surrogacy certainly have hurdles to face. From the child’s point of view, the issue seems to be whether one’s parents are loving, affectionate and attentive rather than heterosexual, gay, or even bi-sexual. Conversely, heterosexual couples might produce gay children but their parenting skills or home environment is not questioned or thought to be in any way responsible for their child’s sexuality. Psychological articles inform us that having a two parent, happy home is a recipe for success-and that the sexuality of the parents is not a factor in producing well adjusted children. While some boomer grandparents may have concerns, the psychological literature shows concerns to be unfounded.

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