Boomer Dreams of Death and Sex: Are Dreams Telepathic Messages?

Behind the Boomer Dream Mask

Behind the Boomer Dream Mask


Everyone has experienced a dream or nightmare so real that confusion is experienced upon waking: Did it really happen? Where am I? As the details of the dream come back, we attribute meaning to the events that took place within the dream and wonder if there is a message to be learned.

Baby boomers might sometimes begin to experience dreams that are quite different to the dreaming experiences of early life.

As baby boomers enter the later stages of life, friends begin to take ill or even die. The process of death begins to have a greater impact on the lives of baby boomers and the circle of friends begins to shrink as the years go by. The psychological effect of losing those close to us might certainly influence what we dream about and how we interpret those dreams.

For people who have more than a passing interest in dream interpretation and who are driven to translate their dreams into tangible evidence of real events, dreaming of their own death can cause them to panic, understandably, that their own demise is around the corner and that a grisly end is in store before too long. For many, the dream might simply be the result of attending or hearing about one too many funerals but for someone with a belief in dream psycho-analysis, the reality of dreaming of preparing for death or even actually dying can be distressing.

Unlocking Dream Symbols

Unlocking Dream Symbols

The atmosphere that is prevalent within the dream is important. A dream that deals with death in a matter of fact way might simply be an indication of re-birth rather than the opposite event. The presence of darker feelings, however, might cause more worry.

Death Dreams

Death Dreams

One of the more serious side effects for aging baby boomers who are having intensely ‘real’ dream experiences is the resulting rise in blood pressure, insomnia as a result of reluctance to sleep lest the dream recur and other emotional problems causing distress and emotional upset.

Dreams that portray intense sexual activities, either as a spectator of someone else’s adventures or as a participant, are quite normal and may not mean anything at all, other than a healthy interest in sex, regardless of age. For people who have been recently bereaved, sexual dreams can be vivid and disturbing but tend to diminish in frequency over time.

For dreamers who find their night time experiences disturbing enough to seek professional dream analysis, the findings can be fascinating and revealing, not only with regard to how dreams are analysed but how our dreams can affect our physical functions.

Sleep walking and other nightmare connected or dream-state activities should be dealt with carefully and gently to avoid shock on waking. Professional psychological advice should be sought if dreams recur in a disturbing manner over time, not just for baby boomers but for any generation.

Dreams are emotional connections to our conscious state and should be treated seriously and intelligently when analysing their impact on our daily lives; but always remember-the language of dreams is symbolic, and not a one-to-one relationship with waking life.

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