The Health Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon

Pscyhological Articles on Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon

Pscyhological Articles on Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon

Psychological Articles on Elderly Problems


Honey and cinnamon have a long tradition as herbal remedies for numerous conditions. Honey in particular has been presented in psychological articles as a cure-for-all in many problems like heart disease, arthritis, stomach ailments etc. Additionally, anectodal information in psychological articles has claimed that when used with cinnamon, the combination greatly increases the scope and power of honey. Moreover, recent research in psychological articleshas shown that eating honey in moderate amounts doesn’t increase the probability of getting diabetes. In 1985 the Canadian magazine Weekly World News listed conditions and problems that respond positively to treatment with a combination of honey and cinnamon.

Heart Problems and Arthritis:

The above mentioned psychological article stated that honey and cinnamon both have properties that provide protection from heart problems and arthritis. Honey decreases the amount of hardened cholesterol in arteries thereby reducing the chances of a heart attack, and for those who have suffered a heart attack, if used regularly, it protects from further attacks. One of the elderly problems we face as we grow older is that arteries and veins become weaker, and it has been shown that honey can be revitalizing.

Psychological articles have also informed us that Arthritis has also been shown to significantly improve with regular usage of honey and cinnamon. It is recommended that ideally the honey and cinnamon combination should be taken in a cup of hot water with a half a teaspoon of cinnamon and two of honey. In a study at Copenhagen University, seventy three patients of a total of 200 were cured of their Arthritis while the rest experienced significant relief!

Stomach problems and flu.

Generally stomach problems are helped significantly by honey. Bladder infections respond immediately to honey if mixed with warm water and taken in liquid form as psychological articles have long told of the power of honey to destroy germs in the bladder. The same combination of drinking honey and cinnamon also works well with colds, flu. Psychological articles have advised to use one quarter teaspoon of cinnamon added to the honey to help coughs and blocked sinuses. Honey is also known to work well on stomach ulcers and reduces pain and gas when used with cinnamon and psychological articles as well as folklore has informed us that honey and cinnamon can easily eliminate bad breath.

Immune system and longevity

Psychological articles have stated that both honey and cinnamon have been proven to strengthen the immune system of viral and bacterial infections, and that when taken together the ingredients that have large amounts of natural minerals in the form of vitamins and iron, greatly help white blood cells fight disease, although existing in synthetic form, the combination of elements in honey has a greater effect. Furthermore, psychological articles report that this increased immune response from taking honey and cinnamon also enhances general health as well as longevity. Used in combination with a healthy lifestyle, (daily usage of 3 or 4 times a day) of both ingredients has been recommended to help eliminate many elderly problems, to maintain good health and live a longer life.

Skin problems

Due to its antibiotic properties, honey used in pastes to cover rashes and other skin problems has a relieving and healing effect. Common problems such as pimples, which psychological articles tell us honey can remove from their roots, usually respond particularly well. More serious infections like eczema, ringworm etc. have also been shown to have significant positive effects and sometimes, psychological articles report them as cured.

Weight loss, anti-carcinogenic and fatigue

Psychological articles have documented that fat formation is prevented if one teaspoon of honey and cinnamon mixed into a cup of boiled water is routinely taken before breakfast and before bed, as it helps reduce weight- even in obese people! Furthermore, in some instances, honey and cinnamon have been shown to be an effective anti-cancer remedy resulting partly from their ability to strengthen the immune system as well as their cleansing qualities. Likewise, apathy, fatigue and increases in strength have been reported in psychological articles from the regular usage of honey and cinnamon taken in equal part. Research has shown that a tablespoon of honey sprinkled with powder made from cinnamon is an effective single dosage.

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