Creating Online Optical Illusions

Online Optical Illusions: Are these true squares?

Online Optical Illusions: Are these true squares?


Optical illusions can be a lot of fun. They can serve to test intelligence, measure differences of perception and also to understand how different minds work and respond to the same stimulus. Optical illusions can both be easy and difficult to make. One must keep in mind the purpose; get all essential resources, a fine place to work in and a fine well-defined plan.

One easy way of making an optical illusion is through marker drawing. All one has to do is to draw shapes within shapes with the chosen markers of selected colors. When we draw shapes within shapes the images will be there but they will become somewhat difficult to spot. This is where the fun of it lies! To make an optical illusion drawing you will need a drawing paper and markers. Whichever shapes you intend to draw keep your mind clear about your selection. And here’s a tip; it is advisable to draw shapes which allow more and smoother drawing in a flow without breaks. This will help create a more effective illusion. Draw one sketch of the selected shapes and then instead of filling these shapes up with color just keep drawing continuous lines in similar shape to fill the entire area. One idea is to write a familiar word and keep outlining it till it forms a complex shape.

Another interesting optical illusion can be made with colors. You can choose a paper plate and divide the area into three layers of triangles. Each layer must have a combination color scheme. Use a compass to draw circles for triangle layers. In the middle make two tiny holes with a paper puncher and insert light weight 26 to 30 inch piece of string, thread it through the two holes and then tie it carefully in a loop. Color your neatly drawn triangles with different poster paints. Remember to use primary colors such as red, blue and yellow with bold strokes of black. Hold the strings taut, then twist or spin them several times to see the magic of colors. You will see the colors blending and expanding as they spin. They will be creating some lovely new colors for you to see and appreciate.

Optical illusions help make great brain teaser art. Confused faulty perception poses challenges for the observer and is entertaining and stimulating. One comfortable way of making a brain teaser is to use a stencil to draw geometric designs on a drawing paper. You can draw grapes or a moth with a lot of circles. Draw circles within circles and use different colored markers to make it even more challenging. Keep a good count of the shapes you draw. Once you are done, ask a friend to count the shapes. It’s an easy bet that your friend will be stumped and fascinated by optical illusions created by background figures and shapes.

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