Magic Circle Moving Optical Illusion

Magic Circle Optical Illusion- All Psych

Magic Circle Optical Illusion- All Psych


Optical or visual illusions often occur when our visual field gives us false or deceptive interpretations of an object or image. Optical illusions can be scientifically or artistically created or can soemtimes occur naturally as a result of our visual field giving two dimensional images a three-dimensional interpretation.

Acording to a psychological article in All Psych, this “Magic Circle” optical illusion results from our eyes (visual perceptual sense) being tricked into projecting movement onto a static object.

Do you see it moving? If not, keep trying.

As cited in Boomer Yearbook’s “Riddle me this-Good for you Gaming”
optical illlusions and brain teasers challenge our brains, helping to keep them healthy and active, thus improving our vision, shortening surgical recovery time, and even helping with pain management.

So Boomers! Game On. It’s fun and good for you.

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