The Spinning Girl Explained by

The Spinning Girl Explained by

The Spinning Girl Explained by


Ah, the ever mysterious spinning girl. You see her spinning one way initially, and you know that you can see her spinning the other if you try. So you do. And you try, and try and try. Some people get to see her spin the other way around almost easily. Some people take a couple of minutes or tries before finally succeeding. And once you do get a hang of seeing her turn around one way and then the other – it’s really fun. Makes you wonder if it’s really your brain and your eyes, or just the computer playing tricks at you. Two people can be looking at the illusion the same time and see her spinning different ways. So if she happens to spin both ways at the same time – how does the spinning girl work? And how can you make her shift from one direction to the other?

Well, to make things a bit clear, the spinning girl is not really an image of a spinning girl, nor is it a big virtual hoax (a big surprise there, eh?). The spinning girl is a 2D image of a girl simply shifting back and forth. But as human beings, we see things in 3D because our brains are not made to interpret two dimensional representations. Since the spinning girl is an image of two dimensional nature, our brain processes this piece of visual information the best way it possibly can. And because our visual systems have been evolved to create assumptions for things they cannot interpret – it may be bound to create something near true, or create a false construction, which explains the case of optical illusions, one example of which is this. So, with the case of the spinning girl, our visual systems automatically assume that we are seeing a three dimentional image of a girl spinning either clockwise or counter – clockwise! This explains why we see a spinning image.

And once you do get a hang of seeing the image spin in one direction, simply focusing on the image’s shadow, feet or around the image may force your visual system to recreate the image. By this, you may be able to see the image spinning in the opposite direction.

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  1. Aerish Garcia says:

    Fantastic! I can see the two directions..:)

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